Intern Role Profile - Data Analyst

Dan Radcliffe

Role: Business Analyst Intern
Course: Business Management – University of Sheffield

Dan Radcliffe Hi, I’m Dan and I’m a Business Analyst intern within the UK Service Centre; a team which sits within the heart of Microsoft Premier Services. I currently study Business Management at the University of Sheffield and have relocated to Reading for the year.

It seems quite strange writing one of these blogs as it was just over a year ago that I was reading them myself when initially applying to Microsoft.

My Role

My job carries a diverse range of responsibilities, primarily with the aim of driving efficiency within Services. Most of what I do is working to execute requests from Technical Account Managers (TAMS) [who look after customer contracts] as well as a significant amount of data handling and analysis.

What I love most about my role is the diversity in the tasks I execute on a day-to-day basis, as well as the ability to build relationships with a large number of different people across Services.
My role also presented me with the opportunity to travel. My team and its sister teams around the world had a global summit in Amsterdam towards the start of my internship which I was invited to. It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss how we operate, and to learn from one another, whilst enabling me to collaborate with some very senior colleagues.


As well as lots of experience within my role, I’ve been able to work on teams and projects out of my role, within my business group as well as the wider organisation.
I got involved in lots from the start, such as an informative video making team, aimed at educating those within Services about various departments, roles and offerings. The benefits of this team are learning more about sub-departments within Services and stretching my creative skills.

I also took the opportunity to apply and work for the Love It team, designed to enhance passion for Microsoft products internally. As the content lead (relationship manager) for Love It, I’ve had great experience to explore the consumer channels group and meet lots of people I wouldn’t usually get the chance to. The work is challenging, but gives high reward, with numerous successful events and the chance to explore areas of the business outside of my department.


The Microsoft culture is relaxed and a fantastic place to work. There is a real drive behind flexi-working, with flexible working hours and locations, assuming you stay on top of your responsibilities. The nature of the culture does vary between departments such as Services having a slightly more ‘smart’ dress code due to the presence of customers in the building. Interns are highly valued and you are treated no differently than any other full time employee or contractor which is really rewarding.

Application Tips

Job descriptions may seem vague at times, but try and match your skills and experience with points within the job description. You have to make sure what’s on your CV is relevant, otherwise an interviewer could think, “so what?”

Being yourself and finding a good balance of confidence will go a long way. Don’t worry about other people in the application process, focus on yourself and what you know you can achieve.
All the best!

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