A Day in the Life of an Apprentice - Part 1

This post is a collaboration of day in the life articles, written by some of the FY16 Apprentices

Nicole Ryle

My job role is not customer facing therefore I do not have to dress smartly, instead I opt for smart casual! Most days I wear jeans, a nice jumper and a pair of boots to work. I live in Reading and drive therefore travelling to work is very easy for me – except when the traffic is bad! I usually get to work earlier and leave earlier to beat the awful traffic. When I get to work I have daily responsibilities, such as refreshing documents and sending out daily emails. Most days the apprentices and I go to lunch at around 12, however recently it is getting earlier and earlier! At Microsoft there is an array of options at lunchtime which probably isn’t a good thing! From fish and chips Friday, to curry Wednesday, to cheesecake Thursday! Once lunch is over, I head back to my desk to continue with my duties, attend any meetings and get on with my QA coursework. Once all of my work is complete I head home and sleep!

Jacob McQuillan

Travelling into work is pretty easy for me, a quick walk into the town centre, then catching the TVP bus that takes me directly to Microsoft. I get in for around 9, and start work straight away; today I have been doing some web development with a few meetings in the morning. My dress code, and what I’ve been told to do is take a lead from your team, so like the rest of my team, I come in wearing smarter casual clothes every day (Usually jeans, a t-shirt/smart jumper and clean smart trainers), unless I am on a customer site. I will either join the other FY16 Apprentices for lunch for my lunch hour, or I will head down to the Gym, work out, shower and be back in time to grab a sandwich and get back to work. More than likely I will have another meeting or 1-to-1 in the afternoon, before leaving around 5:30-45, getting the bus back into town to more than likely head back home.

Sean Phelps

For me travelling to work is really simple. As I live in the nearby town of Wokingham work is only a 15 minute drive away which is really convenient. I get into work for around 9 to get set up and start working. The dress code differs from team to team, however as I am not customer facing I generally come to work in smart casual clothes such as black jeans and a smart shirt. As for lunch breaks I take an hour a day to go down to the restaurant with the rest of the FY16 apprentices where there is a huge selection of food at really good prices. In my day to day role I assist my team with their job roles while also working on projects that I have more ownership over. I also make sure I leave some time for doing work for my 101 teams that I am part of, which will be covered in another post. I leave work at around 5:30 and drive back home.

Sophie Ware

It’s so easy for me to travel to TVP; there is a free shuttle bus from Reading Station, but also LOADS of car parking spaces… so I either drive or hop on the bus (either are really easy). So I get into work for 9:00am, and the first thing I do is check my emails and have a look at my calendar so I know what I’ll be doing for the day. My role is pretty varied; I work with investment funding but also with events. I love this as it means that two days are never the same! I’ll usually have a few meetings in the morning, then meet with the other apprentices for lunch at 12:00. The restaurant is great; the food changes every day, so you’ll never get bored of what you eat (it’s all so good!). After an hour for lunch, I’ll go back to my desk and do some work (this bit sounds boring, but it’s really not when all your colleagues are lovely and there’s a fridge full of free drinks!). Something that surprised me is that everybody at Microsoft is so friendly and really want to help you succeed; it’s a great environment to work in. Finally, my day will finish at 5:30pm, where I can either jump in the car or hop on the bus outside… and it all starts again at 9:00am the next day 

Stay tuned for the second part of this article!

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