A One Off Opportuntiy: Work Experience at Microsoft

Before my experience at Microsoft, I had limited knowledge about the mechanics of business operations. There are many business groups that work antagonistically and are equally complex, but also critical to the survival of Microsoft's business portfolio. My mind has been blown by many of the insights I have gained about advancing technology from; the internet of things, application development and virtual reality. However, this is all secondary to the network of support that has been available for me to leverage during such a short work experience, the time that individuals within the business make to enable personal development shows that all the individuals that work at Microsoft are predominately selfless.

Seeing first-hand how technology is advancing allows me to appreciate the importance of my generation to this continual development. During the week spent here I was able to shadow the technology consultant who coded the BBC iPlayer app, such complex coding was incredible to see. I was also given the chance to help prepare for a sales pitch positioning a technological solution to one of Microsoft's biggest enterprise customers, this gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on both business operations and the functionality of technology and how its relevant to businesses. In addition, I was lucky enough to attend a talk on The Internet Of Things, this concept was something totally alien to me, but allowed me to picture how technology is shaping the future

My realisation about the diversity of roles at Microsoft has opened my eyes to a world of opportunity. As you can gather from the experiences I gained this week I was able to work alongside a variety of different people who worked in a variety of different roles. The section of the business I was most involved with was Services, seeing the way in which people approach and handle customers was enriching because of my limited experience in customer service. On the other hand I was able to talk to someone within HR and gain insight into business management away from core business operations, the vast array of employees at Microsoft makes human resources a integral part of Microsoft's make up. Further to this, I was given the opportunity to help organise and run an event for over 100 students, whilst absorbing the content of the event that was geared towards career development.

The motivation to progress and succeed has given me a direction which most 16 years olds desire but struggle to attain. As part of the early in careers programme at Microsoft, regardless of my age or previous experience, I was given similar opportunities to full time employees, interns and apprentices. Despite the fact that I had only known the interns for a week, a few individuals gave me the time to help work on my potential next steps with regard to university and future jobs. With the help of these interns I have developed a direction that I would like to pursue in the years to come.

Having experienced a week immersed in the Microsoft culture I have been able to gain insight, experience diversity first hand and enhance my personal employability.

Microsoft has empowered me to think about how technology may be relevant to my everyday life. The expectation I had of the corporate environment that I was entering did not do justice to the vibrant culture harboured at Microsoft.

Gone have the days of lifeless grey suits and stone cold corporate personas, this is evident from my time spent with some of the most, friendly, outgoing and inspiring individuals I've ever met!

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