Abbie Sweeney - Technical Apprentice

Job Role: Support Engineer-Technical Apprentice

abbie Sweeney

In my role as a support engineer I support Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Basically my day-to-day job involves communicating with customers to help them and us understand their what their issue is. We then troubleshoot the problem to try and find a solution and hopefully resolve the customer’s issue. Customer cases can range from something as small as sending out a hotfix to having to go onto the customer’s site in order to gain a better understanding of the problem.

Favourite Aspects of my Role

One of the best things about working at Microsoft is that even though you may be an apprentice or an intern, you are just as much a part of the team as a full time employee. You are given the same amount of responsibility which, believe me, may seem scary at first but allows you to learn more, faster and to gain the most out of your time at Microsoft. Another thing I love about working here is that everyone is so willing to help each other. If you are stuck with something, or even just want to find out a bit more about a different part of the business, there will always be someone there to give you help.

What I have learnt

I cannot even begin to say all the things I have learnt, as there have been so many. I think the biggest thing I have learnt is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what job role you are in, you are always able to make an impact, whether it is just within your team, your department, or even the business as a whole. Apprentices and interns are valued so highly within the company and to be a part of that is great!


As well as your main job role you are also given the opportunity to be a part of different stretch projects in other areas of the business. I am a part of the Get On 101 team, a team which helps young people and get inspired, get skilled and get a job. The project is run by interns split between the Reading and London offices. We travel to different schools and colleges to give students an insight into the world of technology and try to enlighten them to the many different roles within a tech business.

Application tips

The best advice I can give you is to relax and be yourself! There is no point in pretending to have a different personality as the hiring managers will notice it! The application will seem like a very scary process, however everyone is in the same boat and feeling the same way. Definitely research the business and the different areas as there may be a role at Microsoft perfectly suited for you that you don’t even know exists! Make sure you take a couple of seconds to think about a question before you answer it. HR will much prefer for you to give a shorter, more genuine answer than a longwinded one that you haven’t really thought about.

Other than that I wish you good luck in your application process and I hope you have found this helpful!

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