Ad Week 2016 recap

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Hope you are well! It’s been three weeks since Ad Week Europe 2016 happened. Wait, what? Ad Week? What’s that?

I am glad you asked you handsome devils. Ad Week Europe is like one of the holy grails for the marketing and media world.

It’s a week- long event hosted in London where leaders, elite brand marketers, creative visionaries and many more gather to network and have seminars, discussing topics regarding the scope of the advertising world and what will the future challenges and opportunities be. So imagine, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Spotify, ITV, the Guardian, The Daily Mail… big guys all around. And this year Microsoft and more specifically Bing was the proud sponsor! This allowed me as an intern to attend many of the great events and be part of this amazing experience. Let’s get into more detail on what happened during the week.


Throughout the whole day as well as the other days of the week there were many seminars that were constantly happening with themes from How to manage and scale-up a digital start-up? to Artificial intelligence and where is this world heading to? But the main act of the day was the one I was lucky to go to and that was the opening night gig hosted at KOKO, London. The special act of the night was: MACKELMORE… can’t get any better than that.


On Tuesday evening Microsoft had a special event at the SkyGarden where loads of important clients were invited to network, socialise and exchange ideas with our Europe leaders for Bing. It was an amazing opportunity for me to see our clients face to face and actually talk to them and learn more about their passion and goals.


Again on Wednesday Microsoft had another event organised called the Bing Connect where leaders came all the way from America to give a talk about where search advertising is heading in the future and what will Bing’s position be. Also, it was a chance for us as a brand to spend more time with our customers and talk about future strategies and plans. There was also a special feature of the show that was dedicated to HoloLens. I was blown away by what this device is capable of doing.


Finally, on this day after a whole week of discussions and meetings it was time for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. Once again, KOKO and Bing had everything taken care of. A Bing wrap-up party was organised in which the main act this time was a BRIT Awards winner, Jack Garratt... a great way to end the week.

Here is a highlight video of the whole event:

As a summary, it has been an incredible week and one of the highlights of my internship so far.If you want to read more about the whole event in detail, make sure to have a look at the Interactive eBook

Here is a highlight video of the whole event:

Martin Prenerov, Content Lead for the Be Your Future blog

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