Adam Richards: Xbox LIVE Research and Insights Intern – Year in Review

It seems only yesterday I was walking into the London office to meet my new team and settle into my new job at Microsoft. I’ve had a fantastic year so far and, you will see from everyone that has written a blog, I literally have no idea how the past 10 months have gone by so quickly!

Since the turn of the year I have taken on various new projects, which have involved getting access to data and collating various sources of information so that we can provide the sales force team of Xbox LIVE advertising with the tools necessary for our business division to go above and beyond hitting our revenue targets. The information I have been working on has been on the list of needs for a very long time and it feels great that I have been able to grab hold of projects, of which the results will have a significant force in helping the team to build on our success. One thing I have found at my time at Microsoft is that we have been employed to make an impact and the work we are given is there to push you hard so that you have a positive influence on the team’s end of year targets.

In the second half of this year, a brilliant mentoring scheme was put together for current and past MACH graduates, as well as full time employees to become mentors of interns that were interested in learning from the experiences of some great people who have worked hard to get to where they are. I have been lucky enough to have a mentor in the Skype office, who has been a fantastic source of knowledge and has been helping me out with my future ventures by giving advice on their experiences. This was a fantastic way to network and meet people that I would not have had the chance to. What’s more is that I’ve had the opportunity to visit the brand new Skype office in chancery lane!

I have taken part in many extra activities this year, such as visiting various Universities to talk about Xbox and the job opportunities as well as presenting to school children when they have come into the office to learn about business and the products we have to offer. Furthermore me and fellow interns ran the East London half marathon together and raised over a £1000 for UK Youth, which Microsoft will double. So this year has not just been about sitting at a desk! There are multiple opportunities to demonstrate a variety of talents that you have to offer.

Away from the work side of things, I was apprehensive when I found out I’d be working and living in London and I can honestly say that it was the best thing that could have happened. London has been a fantastic place to live in and living with other Microsoft interns has meant there has been continuous laughs and weekends where you can just leave the flat and something will be going on that you wouldn’t have thought about doing. And with London being so well connected to all parts of England I have been able to keep in contact with all my friends.

So I’ll finish by saying that this year has been a fantastic opportunity and learning experience for me. It has definitely set me up in good stead for my future career after University and I look forward to the next 3 months here!

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