Advice for incoming London Interns!

To follow up on out “How to find a house in Reading!” blog, this week we are bringing you advice, from current London interns, on how to make the most of living in London for the interns that will be based at CP in the next year. Here are the top 8 points of advice they have for you!

1)Don’t live too far away! If you spend more than two hours a day travelling, you’re going to have a bad time of it. Try to live within 45 minutes journey at most.

2)Great Places to live- Obviously, it gets more and more expensive the closer you are to zone 1 ( central London) so great places to live would be ones with good access to the Victoria/ district and Circle lines. I live in Camden so I take the northern and Victoria line into Victoria which takes around 20 minutes. Most peoples commute is around 30 -35 mins into work. Great places to live in south /west London ( Clapham , Wimbledon , Putney, Brixton, Balham

3)Work out the best way to get to work in advance – can you cycle in Summer and Spring? Then don’t buy a yearlong travel card. Plan ahead.

4)Set up working remotely as soon as you can – it can be very useful to have if needed! Especially with London transport

5)Watch what you’re eating at lunch – there’s money to be saved! The canteen is good value for a few things, and you can eat well and cheaper if you have a look around. Pret and M&S are nearby. Pimlico Market is great for hot food, and there are a load of baguette shops and another market 5-10 minutes away towards Westminster too.

6)If you don’t have a student oyster card, get a student oyster card. It’s great for saving you money on your trips around London. I live zone 2 so I got a zone 1-2 oyster which costs around £84.00 a month. ( you can use this as much as you want in those zones on tubes and buses)

7)4) You are in a great city so don’t forget to see the mains sites and avoid going to the overtly touristy places ( Leicester square) – unless you’re watching a film/comedy/theatre show

8)5) Depending on what you enjoy cool places to go/ things to do visit – they have really cool places to eat/drink/ visit

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