An Apprentice Moves to Reading

Before Microsoft I grew up and lived in a small town in Dorset and when the exciting news came through that I had been selected for a place on the Microsoft apprenticeship scheme I soon had to start planning the move ‘up north’. After some careful research I soon found myself a cosy, small flat just outside of Reading and the weekend before the apprenticeship started, moved in.

The first few weeks were a big learning process – getting to grips with cooking, cleaning and having to organise my life independently whilst budgeting but within a few weeks I was confident and knew what I was doing (or like to think I did anyway!).

Moving out from home has matured me immensely - it allowed me to think for myself and has taught me a huge amount about life and of the world around us.

Should you be in a similar position as me I would give you a few friendly tips to get started with:

  1. Firstly, I would recommend you try and contact your peers whom may be starting the apprenticeship with you and see if they would like to find accommodation with you. Two or more people makes a team and does make life easier and more enjoyable!

  2. Choose an area you would like to live in. I spent a few days on Bing researching potential locations and their travel connections, environmental properties, local facilities and the average price to get an idea at what I will be expecting to pay etc.

  3. Spend a month looking at options and prices of accommodation. This allows you to build up a picture on what is good/bad accommodation and the best prices.

  4. When you arrive and have moved in, plan carefully! I usually have a routine to go to the shops at certain times and try and plan my days at least 2 days in advance to avoid any hiccups. I also have a checklist just next to my front door which I look at every day whilst leaving and make sure I have completed all my jobs before work and am set up for the day ahead.

  5. Enjoy yourself! It won’t be all plain sailing but life is meant to be enjoyable even if it isn’t all going smoothly.

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