Andy Coker - Intern to Graduate

Andy Coker 1Hi! I’m Andy, a first year MACH Business Consultant. I was previously an Internal Communications intern, and I loved every minute of it, (read all about it here). But if my first ten weeks back are anything to go by, the MACH adventure will be even better…

Coming back has been kinda surreal – in a good way. It’s nice to see some things are the same; the familiar faces, the upbeat atmosphere, my favourite noodles at lunchtime… but Microsoft is a dynamic environment and things change. Fast.

My job role

Getting back up to speed has been a steep learning curve, especially with a brand new role. In a nutshell, my job is to own the relationship with my assigned customers, becoming their trusted advisor. I have to ensure IT issues are managed and resolved efficiently while identifying and driving proactive Microsoft offerings that will enhance their business. It’s still very new to me, but the support of my team and a thorough induction have been invaluable. Still, the turning point in the journey so far was ten amazing days in Seattle…

Andy Coker 4MSSU

There are twenty MACHs within Microsoft Services – across Business Consulting, Technical Consulting, Project Management and Services Sales. As part of our induction we were flown out to Microsoft HQ in Redmond for Microsoft Services University (MSSU). And wow, it’s quite something to behold! Over 100 buildings sprawling the area of a small town, complete with shops, restaurants and open spaces for sports. Once inside and mingling with fellow Microsoftees from all over the world (I’m talking from Ireland and France through to Japan and New Zealand), the training was of a high standard with discussion, role plays and simulations. The social side was awesome too. We ate, shopped, sight-saw and celebrated. Safe to say we were absolutely shattered at the end of it all!

Lasting impression

It wasn’t long after returning to reality that the withdrawal symptoms (and jet-lag) kicked in. It really was an unforgettable trip from start to finish. But aside from the memories, MSSU will have lasting practical value. The training is already coming into play and proving more and more relevant each day – whether it’s dealing with tough customers or long-term account planning.

Andy Coker 2Another aspect, though less tangible, is the way that these trips broaden your perspective on the opportunity you have. Microsoft really is a global organisation, with people, projects and products that make an impact all over the world. When I stop and think that six months ago I was busy with final year stress, it’s inspiring to realise you’re part of a whole different world. It definitely spurs you on to test your potential and make an impact yourself.

The best part? There’s more to come. In January, all European first year MACHs will be flown out to a European location (TBC) for training, and then the global MACH community will assemble in Atlanta for the global company meeting. 2014 is going to be a big year – I can’t wait!

Undecided? Well worth a shot!

If you’re still deciding whether to apply, my advice is go for it. If you’re successful you’ll be guaranteed an incredible experience with amazing people – and you stand to gain so much more beyond that. As an intern, you’ll set yourself up nicely for final year and take some important steps towards your ideal career.And as a MACH, you’ll be joining a graduate scheme ranked number 1 in the country on review andbecome part of a truly global company.

It only took me an hour to apply and get the ball rolling back in 2010. I didn’t fancy my chances back then, but a few years later it turns out it was time well spent :-)

Good luck, and see you next year!Andy Coker 3

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