Apprentice Diaries - Helping Run Major Events

by Matt Shaw

Apprentice Job Title: Partner Marketing Executive

As an apprentice you mightexpect that my job is just to make tea and file –thankfullyyou’d be wrong! As a Microsoft apprentice I am given just as much responsibility as other employees within Microsoft. Within my role as a partner marketing executive I’m able to be involved in a lot of great events (read more about my role here) and I enjoy seeing the impact that my work can have on such a large audience!

Future Decoded

ConventionI was really heavily involved in an event called Future Decoded,at the Excel Arenain Londonwhich ran for 3 days and had over 10,000 attendees. My team were in charge of the second day, Iplayed a big partin the planning for the partner lounge, the overall comms and reporting on attendance.

On the day of the event came round, I got the train up to London at some crazy early time in the morning! We started setting up the lounge at about 8am and walked round the HUGE expo hall to check that all our sponsors were ready for the thousands of partners that were about to descend on us.

10am hit and the flow of people walking through the Excels doors was crazy! It was amazing to think that all these people were here to see my event that I had been working on since I started at Microsoft! It was an amazing (yet long) day and at about 9pm we had finished packing up the lounge and went down to the event management office to celebrate a hugely successful event.

These kind of projects demonstrate how Microsoft has an inclusive culture and gives everyone equal opportunities. I often find myself doing the same job as people who have been in the Industry for years!

The Worldwide Partner Conference

Since working on Future Decoded I have started working on the Worldwide Partner Conference which is basically a 5 day Future Decoded in Orlando! It’s really exciting and I get to organise lots of parties and events as well as the lounge and sessions. For this event have been given even more responsibilities and so on top of the normal team role I will also be the UK awards co-ordinator.

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