Apprentice Role Insight - Data Operations Apprentice

Name: Sania Samad

Role: Data Operations Apprentice

Department: Marketing & Operations

Location: TVP

Background Information

I completed my GCSE’s and A Levels at Collingwood College. During GCSE I studied the compulsory subjects and also; OCR IT, Business, French and Humanities. My favourite out of my options would have to be OCR IT which then led me to choose Applied IT, Business, Maths and Economics for A Levels. All of my subjects at A Level were aimed towards a degree in Business Management, however by the end of year 12 I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sit in a lecture hall for another 3 years – I wanted real life experience. That’s when I decided to apply for apprenticeships rather than universities. I ended up getting 3 offers in total; 2 from Microsoft and 1 from BBC.

In the end I chose Microsoft because as I have always been interested in technology, and to be working for one of the market leaders was an incredible concept for me. I knew that I would be able to learn a large amount by working in a multinational company. There are also so many opportunities available at Microsoft that I know that I could never get bored of working here. The work is fast paced and thought provoking – making it even more enjoyable.

Application Process for your role

Online application

Scenario tests - The scenario tests involved answering questions, stating how you would react in different situations and what you would do. There are no right or wrong answers, they just want to see what type of person you are and which kind of department you would fit in with.

Pre-recorded video interview - The online interview test can be scary; it doesn’t feel natural as the questions are pre-recorded. However, once you answer the first question, it does get easier. Remember to be as honest as possible and to speak clearly while looking at the camera. You will also have a few seconds to plan your answers so use this time wisely!

Assessment centre - Coming in to the assessment centre can be very nerve-racking. Meeting new people in a completely new environment can be daunting but the day actually turns out to be really fun. There are many activities throughout the day that test different skills, even though it doesn’t feel like a test. You also get the chance to meet a lot of managers and line managers, try and be confident and it will all go well.

My main tip for the whole process would be to be confident in your own ability. Show that you would love to work for Microsoft and show them what you would be able to bring to Microsoft.

My Role

I work as a Data Operations Apprentice within Marketing and Operations.

My job role entails me capturing customer data and uploading them in to our internal databases for future contact. I have my own internal customers who have ran marketing campaigns. These customers work throughout the company in different departments. This has helped me to meet loads of people and to work with a large amount of business areas in a very short amount of time.

As well as completing my job role, I have had the opportunity to help out and take part in many events. These include Future Decoded, Digi Girlz. I am also part of a team that goes out to local schools and colleges to talk about Microsoft apprenticeships, internships and graduate schemes. By giving students this knowledge, I could be helping someone with their future which is very fulfilling for me.

My experience of the company so far

Working for Microsoft is incredible. There’s so much opportunity to achieve great things and to help others achieve them too. You are able to learn so much in such a short amount of time while being part of a great team!

I was most surprised by how much of an impact I would actually have. Being an apprentice, I wasn’t expecting as much responsibility as I have been given. My internal customer base is now always growing and I have many team members approaching me for help. This apprenticeship has given me much more than I could have ever expected and I’ve still got over a year left!

My #1 Top Tip for making the most of your internship/apprenticeship

My top tip would be to take part in as much as you can! So many different events and teams would want your help, at first the workload may seem really high but you will enjoy it so much that after a while you won’t even worry.

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