Apprentice Marketing Role Profile: Digital Marketing

Anna McCormick

Previous Education Path:
6 Years in High School

Apprentice Qualifications:
I am a Digital Marketing apprentice studying to gain qualifications in SCQF Level 6 Digital Marketing and SCQF Level 6 Digital Applications.

Job Title:
Digital Marketing Apprentice

Where are you based:
Edinburgh, Waverley Gate

Brief Description of Your Job:
As a Digital Marketing apprentice, my main responsibility is to look after the Microsoft Scotland social channels. I promote our work and events through our Twitter page (@MSFTScotland), and I am currently working on a social media plan to include Newsletters, blogs, vlogs and more.

Job on a Day to Day Basis:
Daily, I run the Microsoft Scotland twitter channel and engage with our partners and customers through this. I also help with the planning and running of events that go on within our office. I usually have lots of coursework to be working on for my apprenticeship qualification, so this keeps me busy when work is quiet.

What is the Highlight of Your Role:
The highlight of my job role is the rewarding feeling when you see results from your hard work paying off. Myself and one other planned a charity Burns Supper event for over 500 people in January, which raised over £80,000. It was an exceptionally rewarding feeling knowing we had raised such an incredible amount of money for our chosen charities.

A top tip for being successful during the application process:
My top tip is to always be yourself and let your personality and interests shine through your application, as this helps the assessors to really get a feel for who you are!

Highlight of being at Microsoft:
For me, the highlight of being at Microsoft is all the amazing, friendly, and welcoming people I have met.

What concerns did you have before joining Microsoft? Are they still concerns:
Before joining Microsoft, I was worried about my lack of knowledge in the technology industry. This is no longer a concern of mine as I noticed from my very first day that you are never expected to know everything, I am in the Business stream and not the Tech stream, therefore people understand I don’t know all the ins and outs of Microsoft technology! I am constantly learning new interesting facts about technology, and my knowledge on the subject has increased massively since I started.

Do you have any plans for the future? What are your next steps?
I do not have a set plan for the future, however I would like to continue working with Microsoft and possibly start a Degree Apprenticeship once I’ve completed this one

How was the transition from school/college life to working life?
I found the transition from school life to working life reasonably easy. The Microsoft Apprenticeship scheme helps to make the transition easier as you get a mixture of both working and learning, and you are not just thrown into the world of work without any help.

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