Apprentice Role Profile: Communications and Marketing Manager

Name: Katie Rose Bradbury

Previous education path: I studied: English Language, Biology and Psychology A-Level at Henley College.

Description of Apprentice Qualification:
I’m doing a Degree Apprenticeship; I study for a degree in Business Leadership and Management whilst working at Microsoft. If you’re wondering how it works – I go to the university every 3 months for a long weekend of lectures and have weekly online webinars (it’s more fun than it sounds -honestly!). I’d never even heard of this type of apprenticeship before coming to Microsoft and it’s the best thing I could have asked for as, like many people, I wasn’t sure if the university life was for me.

Job Title: Communications and Marketing Manager

Brief description of your job:
It’s difficult to describe my role as I never do the same thing twice! The core purpose of my job role is internal communications via email or our social networking site, Yammer. But I also get involved with lots of events including our work Christmas party and partner events (I may even be going to Washington DC next summer for an event!). Being here just two months, I’m amazed at how much responsibility I have been given and the amount of support you are given makes the transition from school to work a whole lot easier.

Job on a day-to-day basis:
Sending lots of emails, organising our hospitality program, monitoring FRI, updating our SharePoint and organising development sessions.

What is the highlight of your role:
Volunteering for events like DigiGirlz. (DigiGirlz was an event where school girls where invited to come to the Microsoft campus and learn more about the Tech Industry).

Which 101 team(s) are you in? (101 teams are intern/apprentice run and lead initiatives that form part of your responsibilities whilst at Microsoft).
I have just joined GetOn. This gives me the opportunity to get out of the office and make other young people more aware of apprenticeships and careers in technology. I believe apprenticeships aren’t advertised enough especially in grammar or private schools where the expectation is to go to university.

What are your hobbies?
I love singing! I also love doing pilates and I run three times a week. I find doing plenty of exercise keeps me focused at work and a lot calmer in stressful situations.

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?
How supportive everyone is. No question is a stupid question and everyone is willing to help whether they’ve been here 6 months or 6 years - it’s a very welcoming environment.

How was the application process for you?
It’s not as bad as it sounds... No one is out to trick you or wait for you to slip up. As long as you stay genuine to who you are and do a bit of research, you’ll smash it!

Has your perception of technology changed since working at Microsoft? Was the technology industry what you expected?
Being completely honest, a year ago I would not have pictured myself in the technology industry -I didn’t know how to play Xbox or how to code and my solution to making anything electronic work was turning it off and on again! However, once you’re here, you fall in love with it. You realise how important technology is, how much you use it on a day-to-day basis and how it is the future. You find you are surrounded by absolute geniuses who open your mind to so many new and innovative ideas. I’ve quickly realised that we are the generation of technology – so we need to embrace it.

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