Apprentice Role Profile - Sean Phelps

Name: Sean Phelps

Role: Product Marketing Manager (Apprentice)

Department: Application and Services Marketing

Location: TVP

Me, Myself and I

I went to school at St Crispin’s in Wokingham where I studied A-Levels in Media Studies, English Literature and Language and PE. I really enjoyed school but knew that university was not going to be the right choice for me as I preferred the idea of getting experience in a working environment.

Despite not being extremely technical I have always been interested in working for a technology company. Having current Microsoft apprentices coming into my school to talk really motivated me to apply as Microsoft seemed a great place to work with lots of opportunities.

My Application Process

For Apprentice roles the application process is very detailed, but that shouldn’t put you off applying! Starting with the application itself (The CV part) it is important to start as you mean to go on. Then there is a psychometric test where you are presented with different scenarios and you have to say what action you would take. After this you take part in a video interview where you have to record answers to questions. I found this part especially challenging, as it feels strange talking to only the camera. After this you will face an assessment centre including presentations, groups activities and a one to one interview. I found the assessment centre really enjoyable and didn’t feel too many nerves, mostly thanks to how the day was set out. The top tip I can give for the entire process, is to build up a bank of stories and experiences that you can apply to almost any question you are asked in the interview parts of the process.

My Role

As an apprentice I have an 18 month contract, during which I will also be studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration.
Starting my job role and finding out that my manager’s job role is ASM SMB PMM (Application and Services Marketing Small Medium Business’ Product Marketing Manager) was quite daunting! However, I settled into my job role really quickly and really enjoy it.
I work in the Application and Services Marketing team, which was formerly known as the Microsoft Office division, therefore my team manage different parts of Microsoft Office such as consumer and individual product managers like Skype for Business. I assist my manager and other members of the team with different jobs and activities whilst owning projects such as setting up a merchandise web-store with an approved supplier. I really enjoy my role and the responsibility I get and look forward to gaining even more responsibility before the end of my apprenticeship.

My experience of the company so far

So far I have absolutely loved working at Microsoft, it is always a really good environment to work in. When I started I was told that everyone working at Microsoft no matter how senior are always happy to talk to you. This is absolutely true and made settling into the company and my job role so much easier.

My #1 Top Tip for making the most of your internship/apprenticeship

My top tip for making the most of your internship/apprenticeship would be getting involved with lots of teams and events as not only does it give you something different to do alongside your day job but also means you get to meet a lot of great people from all different parts of the business.

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