Apprentices Fundraise for Great Ormond Street

By Sean Phelps, Apprentice

On joining the company in September 2015 myself and the other 8 FY16 apprentices were eager to get our name out there and make a difference in the workplace and community. We all really liked the idea of doing some sort of fundraising activity. We considered ideas such as doing activities round the TVP campus, however we realised that finding a good product to sell would be more popular with employees and raise more money for charity.

On deciding our charity, we wanted to choose one that we were all passionate about. We thought that children’s charities were extremely important especially around the Christmas period. We finally chose Great Ormond Street Hospital. We now had to decide what we would sell, we considered a cake sale however we wanted to do something different to normal and something that was Christmas themed. After a great idea from an apprentice in our team we decided on selling candy canes which we could bulk buy and also selling tickets for a luxury hamper. I assigned roles to different team members including making the hamper and making marketing materials such as posters and TV screen adverts. Great Ormond Street Hospital also helped out by sending over collection boxes, t-shirts and posters that we used.

With the dates booked in B2 and B5 atrium we finalised our plan and costing also recruiting some FY15 apprentices to help out for a few slots. Our aim was to raise £500 which then through Microsoft’s matching scheme would raise £1000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital!

We got off to a flying start on Day 1 raising £50 in the space of 2 hours. The day finished and we were well on course to meet our target.

After 4 days we had finished our selling and it was time for a final count up!

After double and triple checking we counted £680 which was then matched to raise an amazing £1360 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We were all really happy with our achievement and are looking forward to more fundraising activities in the future!

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