Apprenticeship Application Advice - From Beginning to End

by Matt Shaw

Partner Marketing Executive

If you’re reading this blog it means you are considering being an apprentice at Microsoft- Good Decision! The application process for the apprenticeship at Microsoft involves 4 stages! This post is written to advise you on how best to approach the whole process and succeed in your application:

apprenticeOnline Application

The first stage is the online application. This isjust a standard application with questions such as why Microsoft? What skills do you possess? Etc. The best piece of advice for this is part is just to be honest and yourself. The answers you givecould be referred to later on in an interview.

Online Skills Test

The second stage is an online skills test, which are to to see how you react in different situations. No answer is wrong and no answer is right, it is literally just to see how you act in situations and see what role you might be the best fit for based on this. Try not to think of what the assessor is trying to hear, just focus on how YOU would honestly react in a suggested situation.

Video Interview

The third stage is the online video interview. This is possibly the most challenging section of the process. It’s essentially a one-way skype call with the HR team who have pre-recorded the questions for you. You are given 30 seconds to think of your answer and then your camera starts filming, I suggest you do the practice tests beforehand to prepare. It’s so daunting and pretty easy to trip up on. My advice would be if you finish early then don’t waffle, if you do this you repeat yourself and then you don’t look so good; there is no pressure to use the whole time, use as much or as little as you deem necessary (within the time-limit)! Just try to smile and be logical in your answer.

Another tip:

Make sure you appear well lit and that you’re mic is effectively recording your voice. Also, it’s important to dress as presentable as possible, it makes a good first impression.

Assessment Centre

The fourth and FINAL stage is the assessment centre. Here you will do a strengths fayre which is designed to test a whole load of skills and you get to meet all the hiring managers. My advice is just smile and don’t get flustered, they really aren’t trying to catch you out, they just want to know you as a person. Also ask questions about the assessor and their role (it’s really good to be interested in Microsoft). You will also have a tradition interview, the best piece of advice is to just be yourself and explain the stories you have! I was amazed how much Microsoft focus on you as a person rather than your grades.

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