Are you running out of time ? #BeYourBest

Dear readers,

Are you often running out of time? Were you able to do everything that you needed to do for the day? If the usual answer is NO then what are we doing wrong that leads to such outcome?

With spring break closing in and end of year exams approaching we at the BYF blog have decided to dedicate an entire episode of our BeYourBest series to a very important skill that will help rocking that exam preparation to the fullest: Time Management.

Before we go into the tips on how to develop this skill, let us briefly explain why time management is important.

Nowadays we live in a very dynamic world in which constant changes are happening. It is important to develop effective strategies that will help you balance the conflicting demands of time to study, leisure, earn money and job-hunting.
Normally there are two types of time: clock time and real time. In clock time, there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and so on and so on. But in reality, time flies depending on what you are doing.

Now, in real time, time flies depending on what you are doing. And the good news is that it is mental, meaning that you create it. Anything you create, you can manage. Here are some tips that can act as a starting point on your quest for better time management:

  1. Make a to-do list- don’t try and remember everything in your head because it will just not work. Instead, have a notebook, diary or even put reminders on your phone that will allow you to focus your mind on more important things like revising for exams.

  2. Spend some time of the day, preferably in the morning to schedule the things you need to do for the day- this will help you set up goals for the day and the week. Once you have worked out what the bigger picture is, you can the work out some short and medium-term goals.

  3. Prioritise things- it is important to understand that sometimes it is okay to say “no”. Try and do the things that are with the highest priority first. Of course you want to come out as someone who is driven and willing to do loads of things but at the same time you need to realise whether you are setting achievable goals. What you don’t want in the end to happen is you to miss deadlines because you have taken charge of so many different things/projects.

  4. Avoid procrastination- you know that person at the library who studies for 5 minutes and is then on the phone for 10. We understand that Snapchat and Facebook are important to our social lives but at the same time nobody else is going to write that essay or study for the final exam but you.

  5. Find a good venue for studying- whether that’s the university library or your home… anywhere that will free your mind from distractions.

We want to wish good luck to everyone who will be having exams in May.

Make sure to check in tomorrow again when we will talking about how to stay in touch with current global news and affairs, a skills that many employers look out for nowadays.

Martin Prenerov, Content Lead for the Be Your Future blog

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