Assessment Centre Tips 101

Dear readers of the Be Your Future blog,

The month of February has come upon us… and you know what that means... No, we aren’t talking about roses and indulging in chocolate covered strawberries. But the other thing that involve just as much planning and stress eating. That’s right everyone! IT’S ASSESSMENT CENTRE TIME!!

First of all, congratulations to those who have reached this stage: it’s an amazing achievement and you should all be very proud of yourselves. By reaching this far, Microsoft knows what you are capable of and is highly considering you as a future employee. However, for some people this stage can be the most challenging and stressful… I know I was feeling a bit nervous before my first assessment centre.

But do not to fear! The Be Your Future blog is here! For the finale of Application Tips 101 series we will be providing you with invaluable tips and advice on how to make your assessment centre a pleasant experience:

Research the company:

Explore as much as possible about where you are applying to, their culture, their achievements, their future goals and how you can fit within those lines.

Ask questions:

It will be in your advantage during the interview as it shows that you are actively engaged in the conversation

Be flexible:

On the day there is a possibility that you will be assessed for a couple of job roles so don’t focus only on one, make sure to keep an open mind to the various roles the company is offering you.

Be honest:

Don’t exaggerate or make stuff up, it will only put you in a bad position.

Dress to impress:

Don’t let such an obvious detail ruin your chances of getting an offer: first impressions do count

Be genuine, be yourself:

This is probably the most important thing that the majority of the candidates forget when it comes to their preparation for an assessment centre. Managers are looking for authenticity, not perfection. They know that coming this far you have got the skills and academic knowledge to be a potential member of their team. Moreover, they are searching for the personality of the candidate. Will you be able to fit into the culture and atmosphere of the team? Think about this question!

Be a team player:

If there is a group exercise, don’t come out too strong and take the lead all the time. Allow the other candidates to express their ideas and opinions… after all, it’s not called a group exercise for nothing.

Finally, The Be Your Future blog would like to wish you good luck with your upcoming assessment centres. Don’t stress too much about the outcome but instead focus on making the most out of the day and last but not least… HAVE FUN!

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