BeYourBest Week - Creating Powerful Presentations

We are officially mid-way through BeYourBest Week!

This week we've worked hard to bring you all the top tips and tricks to help you perform to your potential, whether that's with Microsoft or in any of your own personal/university work!

We've aimed to enrich your lives with some fantastic insights on how to be the ultimate team player ( and we've revealed the best practices for perfecting the tricky (and sometimes sweaty...) art of confident public speaking! (

But we aren't finished there...

Today it only seems right to empower you all with some incredibly useful tips on building simply stunning presentations! Not only in how they look, but we'll be giving you tips on the content and how to structure these to wow your teachers, impress your boss, amaze your peers and fill yourself with pride!

Since it's #WisdomWednesday today, we'll first reflect on this quote:

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

So... to adhere to Mr Franklin's finest advice, we have not 1... not 2... not even 3.... but 4 unique videos making up a Webinar Series focussed entirely around Creating Powerful Presentations

So wise-up!... It's time to perfect that presentation!





...I may just build a presentation about how great my presentations are now... #Empowered

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