Big Intern Experience: Eurogamer 2013

‘The Walking Dead meets Gamer Heaven’. Be Your Future and My Intern Life @ Eurogamer 2013!
Eurogamer 2013, just one of the many awesome events that Microsoft Interns have the opportunity in getting involved with. My department (DPE) was responsible for Microsoft’s overall involvement at this event so I was able to help out quite early doors. So did many other interns however, as you can see from Paul and Helena’s video.

*‘By being the main sponsor for the Indie Game trade conference at EuroGamer 2013 (Earls court London), Microsoft had the opportunity to demonstrate their cross platform gaming device story from Xbox to phone to tablets with 70,000+ consumers!’ *

When we have a presence at a large consumer facing event, much like this one the more help we can get from inside Microsoft the better. So, my department reached out to the the Intern community asking for volunteers via email.
Many Interns got back, delighted to volunteer there time at the event as mobile roaming zombies (I mean, who wouldn’t). Courtesy of Zed Events we we’re armed with wicked ‘deadly’ costumes andthen had our latest and greatest Windows devices on hand. **

The purpose of the Microsoft Zombies was to showcase the popular Windows store Zombie games by UK Developer Rebellion, and as zombies we did just that, in full attire to thousands of unsuspecting gaming fans!
Having this presence at the event also meant we were able to tell our great Microsoft’s indie game developer and start-up story!

For a little more insight watch the official Microsoft video wrap up or watch us take over the Xbox stage on the final day, then get beaten off by a rowdy crowd of Judge Dredd’s – It was like Dredd vs. Zombies in real life!

Zombie Selfie

  • Zombie Selfie…*

By Steven Mullaghan,IT PRO Marketing Intern (DPE).

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