Bing Originals - Intern Advertising Project (PDP)

fb-links-mock-2_edited Bing is challenging young people aged 16-30 to showcase what they believe is their most unique photograph. The launch of the photography competition ‘Bing Originals’ celebrates individualism, different perspectives, and creativity. The winning image will be the UK homepage image for a day!

fb-links-mock-1_edited Bing Originals is a campaign created by a group of 10 interns as part of our Personal Development Programme. We were challenged by Owen Sagness, General Manager of Advertising & Online UK, and Brian Kealy, Consumer Audience Marketing Lead UK, to come up with and execute a marketing campaign that created an emotional connection to the Bing brand within the 16-30 age group, and boosted their interest in Bing.

After 6 months working on this project, we have designed, planned and brought to life the Bing Originals campaign, which promotes Bing as a fun, savvy, trustworthy and dynamic brand that is here to help young people approach search in a more productive way, listening to their perspectives and making their search experience more productive. Bing Originals launched on May 27th 2015, and the photography competition is open for entries!

Microsoft has championed our creativity and perspectives with this campaign, and we’d like to do the same for 16-30 year olds all over the country. All budding photographers and master instagrammers click here for the entry page, and to check out the entries so far!

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