BYF France - Marketing

Gautier Baraffe

Role: B2B Marketing & Communication Assistant, Small & Medium Businesses

Department: Marketing & Operations (M&O)

Location: Microsoft France, Paris

My Background

Hi, Bonjour, Guten Tag, γειά σου, привет,

If this is your first time on BYF, welcome! I’m here to introduce myself and my role as an apprentice at Microsoft. If you’ve been wandering through this website for a while, well sorry, I’ll try to avoid this déjà vu kindda thing.

Let’s start from the beginning.

First, there was this Big Bang thing: it was hot, and humid, and weird… But it would be too long to explain.

So let’s jump right in: My name is Gautier. I am 25 years-old and I come from France. As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. So I logically went to college to study economics… Yeah, I know, it makes a lot of sense. In three years you get a Licence in France, it’s the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree. It’s pretty good already, but I felt so good at school that I decided to stay two more years to get a Master’s degree.
And here I am, attending my second year as a Master student/apprentice at Skema Business School, majoring in Digital Marketing.

My Role

Why I don’t spend my time serving coffee to managers at Microsoft France?

I’ve been working at Microsoft for 5 months now, spending on average 3 weeks in the company/1 week in school every month. I don’t want to sound cliché, but I probably will. These 5 months have been great so far! #cheesy

Basically, what I’m doing is helping Product or Market Managers translating their business objectives into marketing objectives. I’m working in hands with Media Planning Agencies and Creative Agencies, conceiving marketing briefs and executing media plans to achieve awareness, consideration or lead gen objectives throughout the use of several media formats: creation of landing pages and local websites, social media campaigns, blog posts, emailing, events, etc. I’m defining KPIs, monitoring campaigns and calculating their ROIs.

I’m participating to some very innovative campaigns, such as the Surface Stories campaign which aims to be a common framework hosting Surface products related content to reach different audiences and segments (SMB BDM, Teachers). – a dedicated part of the French website – aggregates testimonials, usage videos, promote solutions and offers.

5 Tips to get the most of your job at Microsoft, you won’t believe the 5th one!

I don’t have a specific advice to give you: just be yourself and do what you love. Don’t apply at Microsoft because it’s Microsoft.

Apply because you feel connected with the culture of the company #GrowthMindset.

Microsoft is a great company that empowers its employees, and its apprentices/interns as well.

If you get the chance to work at MS, I won’t say you HAVE to make the most of this experience, because you WILL.

You’ll get so many opportunities to learn new things it will come naturally, and you’ll be surprised how open-minded you can get.

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