BYF France - Hiring process at Microsoft

Philippe Gass

Role: Online Product Manager

Department: Microsoft Store

Location: Paris, France

Dear Game of Thrones fans, I am sorry to tell you but the truth is that we are in May and “Summer is coming”.

While many people are thinking about the new sunglasses they need to buy and how many kilos they need to loose, others are dreaming of one and only thing: working at Microsoft.
So if you belong to the second category, here is a description of the hiring process for interns at Microsoft France.
Do not worry no spoiler ahead, we won’t reveal whether John Snow is alive or not...

Online Application

First and foremost, you need to apply online on the following website.

All the internship and apprenticeship positions in France are listed there.
After creating your online profile with CV and Cover letters, just pick and choose the position you are interested in.

The online test:

You’ll have to answer a bunch of questions that will help recruiters to determine if you are a creative, fast-learner and curious candidate who will find happiness at Microsoft France

The video interview

For every position, you will be asked to prepare a little video interview. This video consists of 5 questions to get to know you better and understand how you would react to certain situations. You will not talk directly to a member of the Microsoft HR team as all your answers will be recorded and examined later. For each question, the candidate will have 45 seconds to prepare and two minutes to answer.

Top tip: Recording yourself on your computer is probably not the easiest and most natural thing to do, we agree. Just remember to be yourself and smile while looking at the camera 

The phone interview

If you were convincing enough during the video, congratulations you are on your way to King’s Landing. No need to fight a dragon quite yet though. You will only be asked to do a 30 minute interview with our lovely HR team.

Top tip: Do some researches on the company’s history, culture and future goals to show that you can be part of this great adventure.

The assessment center

The last step to sit on the Iron Throne is the assessment center. During this half a day session you will have to show all your talents.
First you will be tested on your interaction skills during the collective business case. With the other candidates you will have 45 minutes to prepare the business case and 15 minutes to deliver the presentation in front of the jury.
Once you are done with the presentation, you will have a 30 minute interview with a manager. It will be the opportunity for you and your manager to check if you are a good fit for the internship and for Microsoft.
Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to meet with the current interns and discuss about their job and the life at Microsoft.

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