BYF France – Marketing

Hawa Koulibali

Role: Surface MarCom (Marketing & Communication) Assistant

Department: Marketing & Operations (M&O)

Location: Microsoft France, Paris

My Background

Bonjour !

Let me first introduce myself and my role as an intern at Microsoft.
My name is Hawa. I am 23, crazy about music and dance, travel, hate cooking but love F.O.O.D! Hahaha…So I am French and my parents come from Ivory Coast. Now you be like “But where is Ivory Coast?” no worries! I expected you would ask me that my dear friend. Ivory Coast is a pretty (pretty awesome!) West African country…Bing it to learn more about it.

After graduating from high school, as I was hopeless in Mathematics (to the great despair of my father) and not really passionate about literature, I’ve decided to go with Economics. I got my Licence (it's the equivalent of your Bachelor's degree) then join a Business School for a Master’s degree.

Now, I am attending my second year of Master majoring International Marketing as a full-time student at ESC Rennes School of Business. And to have at least some work experience, I decided to do a "cesure". It's a one year break between the first and the second year of Master during which you work as an intern to gain working experience.
So I did my first internship as a Retail Marketing Project Manager at Samsung and now I am working at Microsoft as a Surface Marketing & Communication Assistant.


I've been working at Microsoft in the Consumer Marketing Communication Team for almost 4 months now, as a full time ‘assistant’ intern and it's a really good experience.
Basically, I am helping Surface Marketing managers launching new Surface devices and prepare communication campaigns. I am working with different agencies, in France and overseas, and with local and international Product Manager teams to set up several action plans to achieve awareness and objectives. Besides, I am also working with our Community Manager to expand our social networks and create a fan database. And thanks to my BFFs (Excel and Power Point #BigLove) I monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our communication plans through engagement rate, global reach etc.
As we also have lot of events, such as the Surface Creators Tour or the Surface Book launch Party at Fnac, I am working in hands with our event agency to make sure everything is going as planned.

My tip?

Be a sponge!

Yep, a sponge. What does it mean? It means that you have to absorb as many things as possible! If you guys want to be successful, be a sponge because the best way to change something is to learn it first. You have to see every opportunity as an opportunity to learn.
Another tip for me would be to ‘really’ be yourself and be ready to work hard because at Microsoft, people are not expecting you to serve coffees or make photocopies. Even if you are an intern, they want quality work. It might sound hard but it’s not, on the contrary it is the best way to learn and be ready for labor market.

So ready to join us?

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