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Hi everyone,

If you’re reading this article and you actually work at Microsoft, you probably think the Xbox Team never works and they spend all their time switching between Halo, Fifa and Forza Motorsport!
If you have never worked for Microsoft and you want to apply, you probably think we are just gamers who test games all day long and know everything about what will be launched in the gaming industry.

Actually, you’re all wrong! Working for Xbox is like working for any other division of Microsoft, but instead you work with products with a high visibility and seeing the fans reaction when you announce something new is cool.

In France, the Xbox team is composed of about 9 permanent people (one director, four category managers, one social media/partners manager, and three managers for channel marketing). And we are three interns to help the team. One of us is helping with everything that has to do with operational marketing (product manager), the other with strategic marketing (category manager) and one with social media.
We are located in the same building as all the other Microsoft France divisions. From our office we can see the Eiffel Tower which is definitely a cool bonus! In the building, we have the Xbox Lounge where we have a room full of TVs and Xbox where we can organize events for the launch of new games with influencers for example.

But now, let’s talk about what we have in Xbox France, what makes us special!


Xbox Loves You was launched in 2014 for our fans, the Xbox Family! It is really simple, we created entirely customs controllers and consoles. All this in a really limited quantity and everything being handmade!

We created hardware for different people or events. For example Xbox France created controllers for famous Youtubers (Cyprien, Squeezie, Norman…), for athletes (Antoine Griezmann, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Zlatan Ibrahimovic…), for special events (launch of The Avengers, Daredevil season 2, Paris Games Week,…) and for eSport (team Vitality, Broken,…) We also create some entirely designed for our fans!
Xbox France organizes every once in a while contests on their social networks where fans can win a custom controller, they just have to choose what they want on it!
The team is actually working on bigger projects around Xbox Loves You, follow Xbox FR on social networks if you want to be updated. While waiting for new creations, check out how customs controllers are made:


Every year in Paris, at the end of October, one of the biggest public gaming events in the world takes place in France. All the major actors of the entertainment industry are in Paris for a week to present their new hardware, new games and even eSport tournaments (ESWC and ESL).

In 2015, Xbox had one the biggest structure to present Halo 5 Guardians, Rise of The Tomb Raider and Forza Motorsport 6. Also, a few lucky fans had the chance to see some quick previews of Quantum Break. The structure was divided between the games, a VIP part on the top of the structure where you surrounded all of the Paris Games Week including scenes with a lots of animation.

And this year, the new Xbox baby was born, Bernard!


Bernard is a bear! He was used during the 2015 Paris Games Week in the Rise of The Tomb Raider as part of the structure and he became quickly the mascot of the Paris Games. He also has an accreditation as “Bernard – XBOX CEO”! Our bear became so famous that the team decided to continue to use Bernard. Bernard started with a twitter account (@Bernard_Xbox), this account is used to post things totally offbeat from the official account of Xbox FR, this brings more interactions with our community. With almost 9k followers, Xbox decided to use Bernard during the Christmas season with games all during the month where our fans could win gifts related to Xbox. The Christmas Calendar with Bernard was so successful that Twitter decided to published it as a success story on their website (

We continued with Bernard using him during the launch of Quantum Break, we also had in-store promotions with Bernard as our asset (people had to take selfies with Bernard and they could win an Xbox). 2 fans also won an Xbox <3 You console and controller with Bernard on it!
Follow the adventures of Bernard, good news is coming!


You probably know that eSport is growing in almost every country in the world, and Xbox France is trying to do his best to organize competitions.
We had amateur’s competitions during the Paris Games Week for example but also had Professional tournaments.
In January, we hosted on the Microsoft France campus, the finale of the Xbox Elite Series. After the online qualifications, the four best French teams of Halo were here to fight for a 10 000€ cash prize! It was a public event, live broadcasted on Twitch for people who could not attend the event. After 3 rounds, the PuLse Gaming team won the 10 000€ and a pass for the European qualifications.

And it’s not finished! Xbox is also going to host the finale of the Forza Motorsport 6 french championship (ESL). On Friday 17th of June, the best Forza players in France are going to fight to be the best. The finale will take place in the Forza structure during the 24H of Le Mans and will be broadcasted on Twitch.

I hope you now have more information about the identity of Xbox in France and you like it.

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