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From Paris with love

Dear readers of the BeYourFuture Blog,

It's been a long bank holiday weekend, where we've witnessed two truly historical events... Leicester City football club have won the Premier League for the first time ever, and in May... England was sunny!!

But they aren't the only firsts we bring you today. We are super excited to be able to announce our newest contributors to the International Insights section. The wonderful French team!

It's about time we heard from one of Microsoft's biggest subsidiaries, and the interns/trainees who work there. So here it is, the first of many from our colleagues au Paris!

Hello world!

Live from Microsoft France this is Laura, Philippe, Hawa, Kevin, Juliette, Marion, Gautier, Julien, Matthieu, Diana and Anastasia; a super-motivated trainees' team empowered by the French growth mindset. Today we are very excited to write for BeYourFuture and join this international adventure!

Where do we work?

Microsoft came to France in 1983 and even if many things have changed since then, the company still offers an amazing experience. The office is located at Issy-les-Moulineaux just next to Paris. As a result, the employees can enjoy an Amazing view on both the Eiffel Tower and Montparnasse, which is very nice!

How’s life going?

Well, it’s pretty amazing... Microsoft France is a huge subsidiary with more than 1,500 workers and about 180 trainees! As interns, we work on interesting yet challenging missions and we are always encouraged to come up with new ideas. Being a trainee here is a real chance to empower ourselves and make a difference.

The best place to work?

While missions are challenging, the work atmosphere is great: Xbox access, babyfoot tournaments, afterworks within Paris… everything is done to make the interns feel fulfilled and happy. Furthermore, as Microsoft is an IT company, we all share the same passion for innovation and technology. Definitely a great place to work 

See you soon for sharing insights about our life here!

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