BYF Graduate Role Profile - Denmark

Name: Jimmi Christensen

Which university/course: Copenhagen Business School, B.Sc. Business Administration and Psychology, M.Sc. Management of Innovation and Business Development

Job Title: Associate Consultant (MACH), Adoption & Change Management, Microsoft Services

Brief description of your job: Basically, our work is to help our largest enterprise and public customers get their most of their investment in Microsoft technology. We help them assess and address the people-side of organizational change related to their technology visions and projects.

Job on a day to day basis: It's impossible for me do distil the role down to one day as the work is so dynamic. Since it is consulting work, it is very much project-based. This means that on any given day I can either spend the entire day onsite, interviewing the employees in our client's organization, the next day being in our office doing analysis and planning work. Later the same week, I can have an entire day to go through admin stuff, internal projects and pre-sales activities. Oh yeah, and my team is part of a global practice, meaning we work where it's needed, so lots of travel is included.

What is the highlight of your role: When we go in and talk to real people sitting with real issues and things they want to achieve, and we can somehow help them through translating these things into recommendations for collective action. And the travel - not always - but most of the time it's great fun.

Where are you based: I am based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Additional Questions:
Highlight of being at Microsoft?

Three main areas; flexibility, travel opportunities and being so close to the newest tech.

  • The flexibility I have to structure my own working day is incredible. I don't think I've ever spent five days in one week in the office. And even when I go to the office, I pretty much go and leave when it fits my schedule and then work from home or where I can find a suitable location. It takes me 45min to get to the office from home, so I really appreciate not having to go into the office for the sake of going there.

  • Travel opportunities; I've been to 10 countries on more than 15 occasions since I started 1½ years ago.

  • Newest tech: sometimes I feel like I'm so disconnected from the tech development that is mainly happening in our HQ in Redmond, but then I realize how much information I actually still have at my hands if I just go and look for it. It's incredible, especially within artificial intelligence or augmented reality.

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?

How many different solutions and technologies we actually offer, and how different people can be in approaching what we do with them. For every 10 colleagues you have, what they find interesting with e.g. machine learning are 10 different things. I really thought it would be more uniform, and it can be a challenge that "people just don't get it the way I do", but in reality it is actually great to get that many perspectives to a problem.

What is a challenge you face at Microsoft?

  • While flexibility is great, it also poses some danger if you're never able to turn off work. I'm actually struggling a bit with controlling my workloads in the evenings and weekends, but on the other hand I then sometimes don't work for half a day during the week, so I'm quite content, but aware of the potential issue.
  • Along the same lines is the thing about working in a global team. While traveling is great, it is also expected from me in this role, and it's not always entirely entertaining to have to rearrange your calendar the week before because an unexpected work trip came up.

Has your perception of technology changed since working at Microsoft? Was the technology industry what you expected?

I think it to some extent was as expected. I expected very passionate people, fast-moving and ever changing technology landscapes and never-ending workload to choose from.

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