BYF Ireland - CCG Finance

Diogo Sassetti

Role: Business Analyst

Department: Western Europe Finance HQ

Location: Dublin

Hey future business leaders!

My background

Let me put you up to speed with what I have been doing before joining Microsoft:
After completing a degree in engineering, I decided to jump into the business world to pursue a career in technology. Before, I had some professional experience in corporate banking in Angola and teaching in a primary school in Mozambique. After completing a MSc International Management (CEMS), from Nova School of Business and Economics (Lisbon), and leading several international student organizations I had my big break and got accepted into Microsoft.

My Role

As a business analyst in CCG Finance, my role is to set budget and forecasts for all of Microsoft’s consumer goods in Western Europe – and make sure every subsidiary is meeting their revenue targets. Simply put, I follow where our revenue is coming from and try to find new business opportunities from it. It is all about being able to tell the story from the data. I have to be able to explain why some subsidiaries, some products, or some channels are performing better or worse – so that in the end, Microsoft can make informed decisions about investment opportunities and allocation of resources.

My Experience so far

It is not all about the role.Landing on the right team is crucial as well. The CCG Finance community is incredibly supportive and there are plenty of opportunities to learn. There is great exposure to the business world and the life in the 12 subsidiaries that we oversee, plus there is a little bit of traveling involved too! In the last months, I have developed a good insight into the financial considerations involved in product launch, the lifecycle of older products, as well as how the trends in Cloud computing, social media, gaming impact the products we develop. This role is very versatile, and hopefully is the launch pad into a lasting career in technology.

Why you should join Microsoft

Microsoft gives you the fast-paced atmosphere of tech and allows you to follow a solid career growth path.

Our culture is to empower every person and organization to achieve more – obviously that starts with the employees.
The best for me is the flexibility of working hours and location. As long as I perform, my role allows me to work from anywhere in the world – this is the cherry on top of the cake.

My Top Tip

Be assertive and proactive – take initiative!

This is super important. Never be afraid to ask and to interact with people from different teams and levels. That is what will get you noticed and involved in meaningful projects. I have recently been involved in developing a BI dashboard for the Western Europe area. It measures our financial performance live – it is today used horizontally by hundreds of people across our CCG community. It's an example of an exciting project that exposes me beyond my team and that is a great opportunity.

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