BYF Ireland - Going from Intern to MACH

Amanda Alnehil

Role: Associate Account Manager - Intern

Department: Bing Ads

Location: Microsoft Dublin, Ireland.

Hi all!

I would like to tell my story, going from the happiness of being accepted for the Internship to the happiness of being accepted for the MACH program.

It was last July that I stepped into the big and a little frightening Microsoft office for the first time. Both nervous and excited at the same time I sat down with all of the other interns in the reception waiting for the next move. I could see the faces of the others, probably having the same questions in their heads as I did; how would I manage to meet Microsoft expectations of me as an intern? And what were the expectations?

The first couple of weeks passed by so quickly that I didn’t even have time to blink. They were filled with trainings, networking and all the things that were needed to get settled in Dublin. I slept like a baby every night, while my brain worked hard to process all my new learnings and impressions.

After time passed by and I got more comfortable in my new role and my team, I started to understand what was expected of me. The expectations from Microsoft were that I would do my best. Fine, but how do I really do my best? I started to understand that Microsoft wanted to challenge me. Challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone to become a better version of myself and fulfil my potential. Sometimes taking the leap into the scary and unknown are the things that really helps you to become the better version of yourself. So that was what I did. I took the leap and joined as many challenging projects as I could and learned along the way how to manage them.

I felt how I grew and that boosted me to become more confident in whatever task I took on.

At the same time, if I made a mistake, my managers and Microsoft allowed that. They encouraged me to learn from the mistakes and find another more successful way of executing the task or project.
Microsoft have given me the enormous benefit of being able to keep on learning, even after university. The moment you realise that something you felt was scary a couple of weeks ago now feels like a piece of cake is priceless. It has made learning almost like an addiction to me and have opened up my mind to all the possible things that I would like to learn.

With this new mindset of learning (that we can call growth mindset) that Microsoft and my managers helped me into,I stepped into the MACH application process.
An internal process for interns, consisting of a screening interview and an assessment centre.
During the assessment centre we were to hold a 10 mins’ presentation, participate in a group case and go through two interviews with hiring managers. This was a day that easily could have been scary and stressful with the wrong mindset. Luckily, I had built a great confidence in myself that I could learn whatever was needed for the situation, so I knew that if I worked hard with all the preparations I had a good shot of being offered a MACH role. Oh man, I did. I took advice and guidance from those who knew more than me throughout the whole preparation process and added a personal touch.
Thanks to what the growth mindset has brought me, I received a very positive phone call at Copenhagen airport from our amazing recruiter, offering me a MACH role.

The happiness was beyond reason, I almost forgot to pick up my checked luggage…

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