BYF Ireland - International Intern Community at Microsoft Ireland

At Microsoft Ireland, the FY16 intern community consists out of 38 young professionals, who are very eager to learn.

Some of them have graduated in the summer of 2015, and therefore consider the internship as the start of their career.Others have taken a year out of college, in order to obtain a first working experience in the tech industry before finishing their degree.
Either way, all FY16 interns are committed to absorbing as much knowledge as possible during their one-year internship at Microsoft Ireland. Next to that, by bringing their unique qualities and skills to the table, the interns are also contributing to the success of not only the company, but also Microsoft’s customers and partners. Some of them will even be staying at Microsoft during the years to come, and will continue in the MACH program (Microsoft Academy of College Hires).

When looking at the Microsoft Ireland Intern community, one can immediately notice that we are a very motivated and diverse group of people.

15 of the 38 interns have a nationality that is not Irish, and in total, the group consists out of 12 different nationalities! Most interns are European citizens, and come from countries like Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Lithuania, Croatia, Poland and Ireland. However, two of the interns have come all the way from Canada and Mauritius to be part of the Microsoft community here in Ireland.

It is also very interesting to take a look at the number of languages the FY16 intern community is able to speak.

In total, 18 different languages are represented! While English is obviously the most popular language, and spoken by all the interns, 16 interns are able to speak French and 14 know how to speak Irish. Other languages that are very well represented are German and Spanish. Some interns even speak, Hindi, Russian, Japanese or Arabic! If we look at the number of languages the interns know individually, we can conclude that 50% of all interns are able to speak 3 different languages. Moreover, 10.5% of all interns knows how to speak 4 different languages.

Interesting bunch of people, right?

In short, I would just like to say that I feel it is an honour to be part of this multicultural and diverse community, and that it is a real opportunity to learn new things every day!

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