BYF Ireland - Intern Role Profile - OEM Channel Executive

Name: Karishma Pudaruth

Role: OEM Channel Executive

Department: CCG/OEM

Location: Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland

My Background

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog post. My name is Karishma Pudaruth, originally from Mauritius, and I just completed my BA Hons in International Business in Ireland. Having lived in Ireland for years, I knew exactly the company I wanted to work for, and here I am, living my dream in Microsoft. I have always been fascinated by technology and innovation, and Microsoft, a company with so much scope, is offering me the chance of learning more about the evolving Technological environment as well as being part of the new mobile-first, cloud-first era.

My Role

My role as an OEM Channel Executive does not involve a set day to day tasks, but instead the work varies and changes, with different priorities as we go along. I look after enhancing and growing the Microsoft device ecosystem across different partners through distribution and retail (won’t be using any MS acronyms here). I provide sales and marketing support, ensure terms & conditions checks for partners and monitor execution of marketing activities. The best part is that you get to work with different teams, such as retail sales & marketing team and PC Category team, to compile and aggregate data across the Irish market place on Windows and tablet sales data. I also get to assist the Marketing team in seeding devices to media, shows, events and ensure maintenance of full compliancy with internal inventory. In summary, my role revolves around Windows devices, sales and attach motion around MS products, i.e. Clients, server, office.

My Experience so far

My experience so far has been amazing. My biggest advice is to not be afraid of asking for guidance or help. Everyone is very supportive and they indeed stand as One Microsoft and will help you. We have the hot desks where we can easily reach out to people sitting next to us for advice. While the first week is very overwhelming, it takes time to settle, but after 2-3 months you’ll feel at ease. I get to attend meetings and learn from seniors. I also get to voice my opinion or ideas among my seniors, which is very motivational as you feel part of a conversation and decision. I am in the role for six months now, feel confident when handed tasks or deadlines and looking forward to continue learning and growing.

My Top Tip

There are many advices I can give but will keep it short.
Apply for the internship, even if you think your academic results aren’t good enough, you will be surprised that the recruiters are more interested in you as a person, your passion, your motivation or even your hobbies. You’ll have to complete an online test, which will be online question-answer based, then a video interview (not sure, think you get 2 mins to answer, be proactive and don’t rush in your answers, there’s no right or wrong answers, they are more interested in you). Then, there will be a skype interview, followed by interview in an assessment centre, and some will even be called for a presentation (where topic will be given a week ahead to prepare on).
Once called for an interview, take it serious and do as much research as you can on the company and its products. Be clear and concise in matching your previous skills to the specific role you’re applying, this can even be your leadership style in class, curricular activities or even your socializing skills.

Most importantly, be yourself, stay calm, be passionate, and ambitious.

In case you’re not successful in first interview, don’t give up, keep applying for different roles and work your way up towards your aimed position.

Good luck

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