BYF Ireland - Intern Role Profile - Operations

Name: Miguel Oliveira

Role: Operations Specialist

Department: Europe Middle East and Africa Operations

Location: Dublin, Ireland

My Background

My academic flow was not linear, I studied Physics Engineering before pursuing a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia. Later I completed a master’s in BA at Católica-Lisbon. I don’t like to settle - I enjoy engaging in diverse activities and learn from them. That’s why Microsoft is the perfect company for my professional growth. It’s very easy to get involved in a great variety of projects. No two days are the same: my motivation to get out of bed each morning is knowing that there’s always a new challenge where I can make a real impact!

My Role in Operations

Working in the Global Partner Enablement team is a great experience. I have the chance to be involved in many projects that affect how thousands of partners around the globe do business with Microsoft. It’s an exceptional opportunity to collaborate with other teams, network and get exposure to different departments. Not only that, the work I do is appreciated daily by thousands of people worldwide!
When I started my placement a few months ago, I was focused on Partner Support. Now my efforts are mainly related to Data Analytics. It’s incredible how straightforward it was for me to shift what I was doing. Microsoft is the best place for getting to know what you want to do, and doing it

My Experience so far

When I started my internship, everyone was very welcoming, I felt like I was part of the team. In fact, not only part of the team, but of something bigger. This is because a part of Microsoft’s culture is being ‘One Microsoft’, which promotes union and working together. On addition to that, there’s a strong intern’s community and abundant networking/educational/charity/fun events only for interns. There are also many volunteering happenings for internal and external causes.

My strongest feeling through all the experience is that everyone is empowered to make an impact, be it in work or by taking part of any of the events. It doesn’t matter who the person is or does – her/his input will always be valuable.

My Top Tip

Don’t get caught in busyness! In the beginning you’ll learn a lot but eventually you’ll come to a stage where there’s a constant stream of small work for you to do. There will be an infinite amount of things to keep you busy.

Don’t the small work divert your attention from the final goal.

You come to this internship with a purpose, so focus on the big stuff, solve the right problems and make an impact!

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