BYF Ireland - Intern Role Profile - Sales

Timothy Guiney

Role: Sales Intern

Department: Consumer Channels Group, Irish Market

Location: Dublin Ireland

My Background

Recently Graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies from Trinity College, Dublin. I have previously worked in the financial, hospitality, retail and education sectors.

My Role

My role varies from one day to the next. The role is in its first year and this has allowed me to be quite flexible in my tasks and define my job description. I assist the team in various functions and duties focusing on the retail aspect of Microsoft. The tasks range from creating deals and tracking offers for Xbox One, and helping to launch new products such as the recent Surface Pro 4.

My Experience so far

I have gained a wealth of knowledge since joining the Consumer Channels Group team here in Microsoft. Since I had just left college most of my learning was being told to me and I wasn’t understanding how it actually related to a functioning business. Seeing what I learned in action and how Microsoft adapts to the complexities of the market is fascinating.

It is also great to work with such experienced and talented people. Those who are working on the Customer Channel Group team have great passion for Microsoft and what the company is trying to achieve.

My Top Tip

My biggest tip would be to understand the company culture at Microsoft.

Microsoft is going through some transformational changes and it is effecting how they do business and how the people work. It is well documented and I would suggest researching it well before your interview.

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