BYF Ireland - Bing Ads

Max-Emanuel Vingerhoets

Role: Associate Account Manager

Department: Bing Ads

Location: Dublin, Ireland

My Background

After school I was 100% convinced that I wanted a career in the film industry – well, an internship as Set Runner at a German movie production made me change my mind really quickly!

Having no Plan B whatsoever, I decided to go abroad to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. As a Cultural Representative, I sold typical German merchandise and answered all kinds of interesting questions about my culture. It was the best year I’ve ever had and I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this opportunity, if they get the chance!

I then decided to study Economics at University, accompanied by internships at BMW, Porsche and Berenberg Bank. Following my BSC degree, I moved to Vienna where I pursued a Master’s in Business with specializations in E-Business and Business IT.

Had it not been for a course in which I participated in a search advertising challenge, I would never have known that SEA could be so exciting! During my time at Disney, BMW and Porsche, I realized just how much I loved working with the customer and helping them solve problems by providing the best possible guest service and using my knowledge to find the best solutions for them. Combined with my personal passion for all things tech, working as an Account Manager in search suddenly seemed like my dream job.

A few months later, I applied to Microsoft and after a round of interviews was offered the Sales intern role and moved to Dublin just a few weeks later!

My Role

As an Associate Account Manager in the German team my job is currently divided into two main areas:
1) Enabling the Account Managers on my team to drive their client’s revenues through identifying optimization possibilities in their accounts and preparing analyses for them.
2) Managing my own set of clients, building relationships with them and helping them to grow their business with Bing.

My Experience so far

When I started the role, I really wanted to have direct contact with customers. Although it wasn’t planned like this, I made sure to let my manager know that I was really eager to manage my own clients. This is probably one of the best parts of the internship at Microsoft: nothing is set in stone and you decide what the internship experience will be like! I would have never thought that I would be given responsibility for a substantial amount of revenue, but it has been very motivating, exciting and rewarding. Yes, it was also a little intimidating in the beginning, but you really do grow with your challenges!

My Top Tip

Firstly, really make sure that you’re comfortable in a very dynamic environment where it’s assumed that you will do a great job – enabling others to do a great job is what counts most here. This also means that you can always count on the support of your peers and you will really learn something new every day.
Secondly, it doesn’t matter what your background is. As long as you can tell the story of how your CV fits well with the role, it doesn’t matter whether you have a background in linguistics, finance, or worked as a skiing instructor.

Just be confident about what you’ve done so far and be able to explain why it contributes to you being able to provide outstanding customer service.

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