BYF Ireland - Intern Role Profile - Bing Ads

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Today we bring you the first of our fantastic articles from our Irish Colleagues, kicking the insights off with the marvellous Pheline!

Name: Phéline Casier

Role: Associate Account Manager

Department: Europe Middle East and Africa Operations, Bing Ads

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Hi all,

I am Phéline Casier and on July 13th 2015, I kicked off my career as Bing Ads Sales intern at Microsoft Ireland. I am very excited about sharing my experience with you, and I hope that after reading this blogpost, you can take away some ideas and tips that might help you should you consider to apply for an intern or graduate role!

My Background

Born and raised in West-Flanders, Belgium, my native language is Dutch, and my parental home is located close to Bruges. After studying Economics and Math during secondary school, I decided to pursue a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Literature and Linguistics at the University of Ghent. I chose to specialize in both a Romanic and Germanic language: Spanish and English. As I have always been a fervent reader and learning languages always has been a passion of mine, it was a rather easy decision to make. (I speak, Dutch, French, Spanish, English and am currently learning Hungarian).

While I learned a lot during these 4 years of studying and my 6 months Erasmus stay in Zaragoza, Spain, writing 2 theses on the topic of Spanish linguistics made me realize that these studies were very theoretical. Therefore, after obtaining this first Master degree, I decided to take on a second Master degree, in order to obtain a more hands on, practical experience, and to learn more about business. This is way, I can honestly say that my second Master in General Management at Vlerick Business School in Ghent was a real mind opener. Not only did I meet friends for life, I also found out that, by participating in the Vlerick Sales Competition, Sales was what I wanted to do in the future. Furthermore, I also decided that I wanted to work in an industry I was very passionate about: Tech.

Long story short, after participating in a Microsoft assessment centre, and several Skype interviews later, I received the life-changing phone call: I was accepted as Sales intern in Ireland! I did not hesitate and decided to go for this very exciting international opportunity. This is how, 10 days after my Vlerick graduation, I moved to Ireland and started working in the Bing team.

"I also decided that I wanted to work in an industry I was very passionate about: Tech."

My Role

My role as Associate Account Manager really varies a lot on a day to day basis. So far I have been working on four different markets: Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain, so my multilingual background has definitely come in handy already. Not only do I offer support to Account Managers to make sure that, every day, we are offering the best possible customer service, my role is also customer-facing, as I have a set of French and Dutch speaking customers that I manage myself. Next to developing and maintaining customer relationships, we also focus on a more technical aspect: the optimization of our customers’ accounts. In short, this role offers me the opportunity to combine different elements I am very passionate about: sales, languages and tech.

My Experience so far

Since July 2015, I have learned a lot about Account Management and the Search business, and I continue to learn every day, as my colleagues are very knowledgeable and always willing to help out. We also receive training on a regular basis. Furthermore, as the only Belgian girl in the Bing team located in Dublin, I am working in a very international and open minded environment, which really energizes me. My key learnings so far have been obtained in two areas: I find that my technical skills needed in Search have greatly improved and that, through practical experience, I now know a lot more about building customer relationships. Not only have I been offered the chance to participate in face to face meetings with some of our clients in Amsterdam and Brussels, I have also been given the opportunity to work on a few side projects, leading team meetings, organizing Microsoft internal events and working on an impactful project set up by the Bing interns ourselves.

My Top Tip

A Top Tip that I would like to share with you is to have a professional and structured LinkedIn account. I know that this is a rather practical tip, but by making sure your studies and professional experience so far are up to date, the possibility that a recruiter will find you on LinkedIn increases significantly. Also, do not forget to add a brief description about yourself, which clearly expresses your interests and the industry you would like to work in. I speak from personal experience when I say your LinkedIn page is more important than you might think, as a Microsoft recruiter has first reached out to me through LinkedIn.

"If at the time, my LinkedIn page wouldn’t have been up to date, I might not be working at Microsoft Ireland today!"

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