BYF - Russia

And so, the International Insights continue!

Today we are privileged to have the first of a number of insights from our colleagues in Russia. Unlike in the UK, there are far fewer Intern Opportunities at Microsoft Russia, so you'll be hearing from them all!

so without further a do... we give you, our Russian Colleagues!

"When you have a dream don’t be afraid to fight for it. You can everything. This means there are no limits on what you can be, have or do."

We are Russian Microsoft interns 2016.

We all had different way here, but we are together now and we believe that each student in the world could be the next Microsoft intern. Sales, Marketing, Development, Strategy and etc. – you may not deal with it before, but this maybe exactly that thing you looked for. Microsoft gave us an opportunity to find ourselves in this Brave New World and this is our turn to bring something to it.

Who we are, where we came from and where we going – let’s find out.

Maria Kitaeva

Education Business Development Intern PS, EPG Geek, cosplayer, runner, journalist

Mark Twain said “Truth is more of a stranger than fiction”. This is a something about my way here. Maybe you have technical high education, maybe not. Maybe you have international internship experience, maybe not. Maybe you always knew that this is the place you always wanna be or maybe it happened a second ago. I graduated from university as a journalist last summer and I couldn’t even imagine that I would become a business development intern but after three month of internship I could say that this is what I’m passion about. Digital marketing, customer relations, project management – there are just a small part of exciting opportunities to work on. The idea is don’t be scary to try something new because this is the most excited part about Microsoft – everything is new here every day. This is your chance to build new world so push hard and never give up. Yes, you must learn, you must become better and better day after day because that’s how everything happens. Passion and obsession are the keys to perfection.

Alisa Morozova

Business Operations Intern in Small & Medium Solutions and Partners.

What continuously surprises and inspires me at Microsoft is the diversity of people that you work with and being able to meet. And as for me I'm doing my best to contribute to the exceptionality of community.
There were times when I was a professional figure skater. I even spent half a year training in London at Lee Valley Ice Center and won Welsh Figure Skating Championship that year.
From this perspective it may be strange to find me working at Microsoft. But personally, I'm really excited to bring such an experience together in my life because they make quite a mix! And I'm looking forward to even more interesting projects whether they will be about data analytics (as current) or anything else.

Uasmi Nasser

Partner Sales Executive Intern in SMS&P (Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partners Group)

I never thought I will work at Microsoft. At the last stage of hiring interview I thought: “Well, that’s it. Even if I’m not going to pass, I will have a story to tell”
The coolest thing at Microsoft are people (not shocking news, right?) they always can help you with advice, guide you, you just have to ask.

As for those who are applying, I have one most important piece of advice: just be yourself. Even if you are a control systems engineer, who did a startup with longboard rent and café.

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