Weekly Spotlight - Hearing for the 1st time

Your BYF team offers you another episode in our series about how technology has the incredible power to change and improve people's life with our Weekly Spotlight on .... Hearing for the first time thanks to the Esteem Hearing Implant and Microsoft's technology !

The Esteem Sensor converts the vibrations into electrical signals, then its Processor receives, adjusts and intensifies the signals to fit a person's unique hearing needs and finally the Esteem Driver translates these customized signals to intensified vibrations.

Microsoft technology is involved during the surgical operation and the company also provided a single platform including all the tools necessary to execute the development and the commercialisation of the Esteem Hearing Implant.

"It has given me self confidence. It’s allowed me to do things without constantly relying on someone. It’s made me a better mom, and a better wife, and a better friend" (Sarah Churman, Esteem Hearing Implant recipient)

Check below this great video on how technology can empower people's life !


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