Dan's Diary - Meeting the Chief Marketing Officer

Meeting Chris Capp

Dan Oates – Windows Consumer Marketing Intern

University: Business Management – University of Birmingham

Dan - Chris Capp

In November, Chris Capossela, the Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft, visited the UK as part of our Annual General Conference, Future Decoded. (Read a post about the event here). As part of Chris’ time over in the UK he also spent some time visiting our offices and taking the time to talk to and understand more about the UK subsidiary. Working in the Windows Team, one of the areas we were keen to present to Chris was some of our most successful devices and ones that we were betting on for this year. I was responsible for organising and setting up the devices and as a result got the chance to meet Chris.

So as we eagerly awaited Chris’ arrival and with of range of devices, sandwiches and finger food laid out, If I’m honest I was pretty excited to meet ‘one of themost important people in Microsoft’.

As Chris entered I was immediately struck by his friendliness and willingness to meet everyone in the room, for someone that is extremely busy and obviously on a very tight schedule, he made a conscious effort to introduce himself to everyone and exchange pleasantries.

He was quickly drawn to the lunch and after a few jokes were made about the lack of traditional English tea and scones, we began to present to Chris our plans for the forthcoming year and our hero devices for the upcoming period. As someone obviously very experienced; Chris was able to quickly understand our plans and offer useful insight. The strategy and plans for the upcoming year were explained by other colleagues and the discussion but I relished the opportunity to meet someone so senior in Microsoft.

As the dedicated Be Your Future Blog member I am, I plucked up the courage and took the opportunity to bring up the Blog, I even jokily suggested the possibility of doing a blog post about meeting him. I was surprised by Chris’ response. Chris was incredibly encouraging and very enthusiastic, he was even was happy to take a picture with me. (see below).

Needless to say it was an incredible experience and one that I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe happened!

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