Dan's Diary - Filming for the January Football Transfer Window

by Dan Oates

Role:Windows Consumer Marketing

University: Business Management – University of Birmingham

TDD Working in the Windows team, one of our major campaigns for the holiday period was focussed around Value PC’s and our hero device, the HP Stream. We marketed the HP Stream as a great PC, but at an even better price of £179.99. As a result, the emphasis for the campaign was on the ‘value’ for consumers. We decided to incorporate this into one of the most popular and highly talked about periods in our calendar year, which is the January football transfer window. As a huge football fan I was extremely excited by this prospect.

So after the Pro Green gig(http://www.beyourfuture.net/2014/12/05/dans-diary-seeing-pro-green/)the night before, I arrived at the filming studios in Acton. The plan for the day was to create some promotional and some football related content, using Sky Sport’s very own Paul Merson and Matt le Tissier. As I arrived at the studios and stepped into a huge white room, I was struck by the many cameras, huge bright lights and endless wires running around the room. The studio had been transformed into our set for the day, a mock up dressing room. The idea for the day was to film Matt and Paul talking informally in their dressing room, about the best ever value transfers in the Premier League and then have them enter the names into an Excel Spreadsheet.

One of my jobs involves device management and configuring devices for events and marketing activities. It was my job on the day to ensure the devices were working correctly and to show Paul and Matt how to use the devices. I had previously set up a ‘Sky Sports’ profile and as I arrived I began setting the Stream’s up and making sure they working as they should.WP<em>20141127</em>024

As Matt and Paul arrived I had to hold back my inner fan girl and act professional. Matt and Paul were then briefed and then had their make-up and hair done for the cameras, something Matt seemed to particularlyenjoy. As the director took over and the cameras began to roll, we were ushered behind two screens and then watched the scene play out ‘through the cameras’ view, as it was being relayed back to the screens we were stood behind. I was impressed by the manner in which Matt and Paul presented themselves, they articulated their words well and made good sound points. Whilst they were just talking about football, something they do every day, they actually seemed to be really enjoying it and were often discussing the ‘best value transfer’ after the scene had ended.

The whole filming took less than half a day and I was frequently reminded that ‘normal shoots weren’t like that’ and ‘that was the quickest shoot I’ve ever been on’ by a few members of my team. After the filming was done, we had Matt and Paul sign the Stream’s, as they were to be used as competition prizes for Windows and Sky Sports’ social pages and then take a few pictures with the team.

As the day ended and I arrived back at home, I began to realise how lucky I was to be on an internship with Microsoft . It was amazing thinking abouthow many amazing experiences I had benefited from andthe amazing opportunities that I had been given.

A lot of my friends were on internships with other notable companies and had sought after jobs, however their comments when hearing of my experiences of filming with Matt and Paul and seeing Pro Green were ones similar to ‘ I knew I should have applied to Microsoft’…

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