Day in the Life of an Apprentice - Part 2

This post is a collaboration of day in the life articles, written by some of the FY16 Apprentices

Sania Samad

I wake up for work at 7am, get changed into business casual clothes and leave for work. From Bracknell it only takes me 20 minutes to drive in (as long as the traffic is good) to the Microsoft campus. I tend to get in around 9. Once getting to my desk, I check any unread emails and then get started on outstanding work. This can include creating reports for my internal customers, uploading data in to our internal customer database, reviewing spreadsheets, consolidating files, creating new briefs with existing customers or new customers or doing coursework. As you can see, my day can get quite busy, but to add to my work load, I have taken up a lot of extra activities which also requires me to put time in to creating various documents such as presentations, managing a one note and also taking minutes and creating agendas for meetings. Although there is a lot of work, the 1-hour lunch break does help! My team are also more than happy for me to have coffee breaks, as long as I complete all of my work by the deadlines – luckily I have managed to do this so far! I then leave work around 5 unless I have some late meetings. I really enjoy coming into work at Microsoft, although there is a lot of responsibility, the benefits definitely make up for the workload.

Georgie Bartley

6:30am and my alarm goes off – after many, many presses of the snooze button I jump (more like heave) out of bed, get ready and then rush to the train station. As I live in a small village I get the stopper train to Reading, which takes on average about 45 minutes. I then head for the bus stop on the North side of the station where the lovely (free!) shuttle buses are there to take me straight to work. When I get in I turn on my laptop and read my emails, then grab some breakfast from the canteen. My morning is mostly spent either continuing with my previously set work from the week or catching up with my team – I don’t have a fixed role so my workload varies from day to day. After lunch and maybe a cheeky game of table football with the other apprentices I return back to my desk; normally I have meetings or training sessions at this time. Today I am leaving the office at 5pm to get the 5:45 train home, but sometimes I go to the gym or stay later until around 6:30pm. The offices are eerily quiet at this time, which can be really nice sometimes if you need to get something done! Once home I don’t look at my laptop or phone and spend time with my family or friends instead, then get ready for the next brilliant day ahead!

Joe Hardie

My day starts with me getting the free bus from the station, I usually get into the office at around 9am but I have no set time so I can be flexible. As a Support Engineer Apprentice at Microsoft the main part of my job role is troubleshooting for customers, the product that I support is Forefront Identity Manager. I still have a lot to learn about it but it’s great being able to talk to customers and feel like you are making an impact to the business. The things I like about being a Support Engineer is that it’s very relaxed, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and it’s easy for you to work from home. Aside from my job role I also spend some of my time working on other projects, like the GetOn team and developing an app made by apprentices. Although I am by far the youngest in my team they are all very friendly and help me with anything I need. Lunch at Microsoft is always amazing and all the food is subsided. The apprentices all get on with each other really well and we are good friends, most days we will head down and give each other a game of table football. Overall I always have a different day and always have fun while learning and doing a job that gives me real work experience is one of the best companies I could imagine.

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