By Nicole Ryle - Microsoft Apprentice

For the past eight years DigiGirlz is an event that aims to inspire young women into the tech industry; so far the program has reached over 2000 girls! This year a group of year 8 girls from 20 different local schools were invited to visit the Microsoft UK headquarters in Reading, the other apprentices and I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer for the day.

As a volunteer, we were each given a school to manage. The girls had tech-related talks, followed by a 3-hour long challenge where they created app ideas of which was showcased at the end.

We monitored groups by ensuring that they had all necessary equipment as well as helping them construct their ideas. It was an amazing opportunity to see how excited and enthusiastic the girls were about the day and Microsoft in general. There was an overwhelming amount of positive sentiment throughout the event, girls from the Willink School wished that they could “do things like DigiGirlz” on a daily basis and strive to work for community like Microsoft in the future.
Whilst the presentations were being judged the girls had more talks and demos, followed by an Xbox Dance session – which was great to watch! Once the judges had come to a decision, the top four presentations were announced. It was amazing to see what the girls had produced and how proud they were of their work. It was even better to see the school I was looking after win the challenge!

Since starting my apprenticeship this was one of my favourite days and is a brilliant example of what great opportunities we get as apprentices at Microsoft – there are always things going on which require extra hands! As an apprentice, my advice would be to say yes to as much as you can, it is able to give you exposure to different parts of the business thus helping you grow as an individual.

Thanks for reading!

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