Ed Large: My Intern and Graduate Experience

My Intern Year

My Job Role

As an Intern, I worked in one of the Sales teams in SMSP (Small and Mid Market Solutions and Partners). Essentially, SMSP is responsible for selling Microsoft solutions and products to all our customers, excluding our very biggest customers. Naturally, this created a range of opportunities for me to get involved in, many of which were outside of my day to day role - for me, this was the best part of the internship. One day I would be out visiting Partners and Customers helping drive revenue and the next, I would be working on internal projects ranging from marketing to operations. This variety has allowed me to develop a range of skills and allowed me to understand what I wanted to do after my internship – more on this in a bit!

My Personal Highlight

The highlight of my internship was presenting to customers on Microsoft Azure, one of our most important cloud solutions, after only five weeks of being in role. As an intern, you are truly valued and given opportunities to develop and this is epitomised in this example. There are so many more highlights I could have picked too – going to Dublin for a week as part of my role, running a day at the Microsoft Showcase Classroom for a Government Education Delegation from the United Arab Emirates and all the social events we did as Interns.

My Development

The biggest thing I developed over the year was my confidence – cheesy, I know. Previously, I had never worked in an organisation before and my only work experience was working in a restaurant and bar. To have undertaken such a range of roles and having been given responsibility to deliver real impact, I proved to myself I could well in a business environment. Without doubt, the range of work I had undertaken and the confidence I had developed was invaluable for when I applied for Graduate positions.

All of the interns together at the Welcome Day

Coming Back as a Graduate

My Experience So Far

After such a successful and enjoyable year on internship, I was fortunate enough to come back this September as a Graduate. After applying through the Business Consultancy and Project Management Graduate stream, I now work in the Services part of the business, as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) - now referred to as a Service Delivery Manager (SDM). My role in short, is to deliver Microsoft services to our customers and help them to get the most value out of the technology they have purchased from us. The role is heavily customer focused, which is something I knew I wanted to do from my experiences as an intern.

Currently, I am six weeks into my role, of which five weeks has been training, which has been hugely beneficial to bring me up to speed with the role (with some fun activities in there too, such as going to Go Ape and cocktail making). The highlight of the past few weeks has undoubtedly been going to Milan for four days as part of our Services onboarding and next week all the graduates will be going to Munich, again for onboarding. The investment that Microsoft put into you as a Graduate for you to grow and develop is clear and I have no doubt that I am in the perfect place to do so. Secondly, since coming back, it has confirmed how much of a fantastic a place Microsoft is to be each day. The people at Microsoft are brilliant and make it enjoyable to be in the office each day.

All of the Business Consultancy & Project Management Graduates in Milan

Application Advice

With regards to the application process, whether it is for the Internship or the Graduate Scheme, my top tip is to research Microsoft, but with real focus on what we are trying to achieve as a company and the direction we are going – it’s a very exciting time! Secondly, in the application process and any interviews you may I have, be energetic and be yourself (I’m sure everyone says this, but it is honestly true).

Good luck!


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