Education Marketing Intern at BETT

As Education Marketing Intern I get to do some amazing things - creating eBooks for our educators across the UK, leading projects with The Guardian, writing for our monthly magazine and blogs, to name but a few. But, I was still surprised when I was asked to be part of the small team leading on one of the biggest EdTech exhibitions in the world - the BETT Show.

The BETT Show, formerly 'British Educational Training and Technology' Show, is an annual event which allows educators and students from around the globe to gather together and witness the latest and greatest technologies being used in schools to creating better learning outcomes for students. This year there were 868 exhibitors and Microsoft Education was the biggest of them all, being a worldwide partner of the BETT Show.

I was heavily involved in the planning of the stand and everything that came with it. As an intern, you get exposed to a number of opportunities that are second to none, getting the chance to work with different agencies and people that give you an experience like no other. As Education Marketing Intern, I was involved in every step throughout the planning process:

- Briefing the agency on stand designs, handout designs, app development and more
- Working with stakeholders around the globe to source devices
- Working closely with our community to gather content and speakers for the event
- Getting involved in the social media and various other campaigns that surround the show

…and so much more.

So when the morning of BETT came, our team sat in a Starbucks contemplating the week ahead. The calm before the storm.

It was a whirlwind of a week, meeting hundreds of new, exciting people and getting to learn so much more about an incredible industry. Whilst on the stand, I was mostly based in the Showcase Classroom, managing speakers, timings and logistics around our various theatre sessions. I was also part of the Stand Management team, managing agency staff and periodically assessing the success so far and adjusting accordingly, as well as dealing with any questions or queries around the stand.

So, after working 8am until 6pm on the stand, the fun begins. Each night we had the opportunity to go to a different restaurant with a few drinks and get to know the people in our community. This was a great opportunity to network, but also a chance to relax and get to know your colleagues and wider community better.

This was an incredible opportunity to demonstrate my organisation, time management, communication skills and so much more… but it wasn't easy. I worked some long hours and was somewhat stressed on numerous occasions but it was a challenge and I made it out with some great results and fantastic feedback. Not only that, but I met some amazing people and learnt more than I could ever imagine.

If you want to hear more about what we did at BETT, check out the video below. And if you ever get the chance - make sure you get involved!

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