Even More Graduate Assessment Centre Advice

by Bansri Sodha

Aston University – BSc Mathematics with Economics

Role: Associate Consultant– Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS)


If you have made it to the Assessment Centre, congratulations! You are now at the final stage of your Microsoft application journey. Application processes can be long and difficult andreaching the Assessment Centre can feel like such a relief but also quite daunting. This blog will give you an insight into what to expect on the day and what you should prepare for.

Assessment Centre’s tend to vary from company to company, so tailor your preparation around the specific one you are attending. In Microsoft’s case, I would definitely suggest researching current technology advances and what direction the business is heading. Look into Microsoft’s competitors and their business goals.

If you can show passion and understanding of the industry, it will make you stand out on the day. I would also suggest thinking about why you have applied for the specific area of the graduate scheme and how it aligns with your future goals.If thiscomes across on the day, assessors will see how driven you are.

At the Assessment Centre itself, assessors focus a lot on how you interact with others as Microsoft. They are looking for team players asmuch as they are looking for someone capable of working by themselves. Microsoft is a very collaborative company, so they need to ensure you would fit in the mould. Definitely keep in mind the experience you have, whether this is from a previous internship, part-time job or University.

Remember, you have been chosen to attend the Assessment Centre for a reason. You just need to confirm those reasons on the day. ‘Prepare, Relax, Be Yourself’. :)

Good luck!

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