Frequently Asked Questions

During our visits to various careers fairs in different universities we were able to gather the most common student queries

What does the Application Process involve?

  1. The application process begins with an online application form, where you upload your CV and answer a couple of online questions.
2. The next stage is online testing where you are taken through some real business scenarios and tell us how you are likely to respond.
3. A video interview where you record yourself answering some questions and if successful you’ll have to do a Skype interview before going to the final stage known as the assessment centre.
4. The final stage is the assessment centre where on the day you will get the opportunity to gain real insights into the culture and values of Microsoft.

What advice would you give to applicants?

  Do your research about the company and the industry before applying. Show your passion on why you want to be part of Microsoft. Be genuine and most importantly be yourself.

Where are the placements based?

  Most of the placements take place in Reading or London, but there are also interns that work in Surrey, Twycross or Edinburgh

Are there summer internships?

  Unfortunately not in the UK, but there are opportunities in other countries. For more information you can check The main prerequisite before you apply is that you will need to the specific language.

What type of roles do you offer?

  For interns, the roles are divided into three streams: Business (in which you have roles in Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Data analyst, Marketing…), Gaming and Technical
For graduates, there are again three streams: Sales, Business Services and Technical

Are there any non tech roles?

  Yes, there is a variety of roles which do not require you to have a techy background. They range from Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and many more

Do you sponsor visas for non EU Students?

  If a candidate is doing a degree within an EEA country and as part of their degree, they are required to do a placement, then it’s likely that they will be eligible to do a placement but they would need to follow up and check with their university and/or UK border

What's it like working at Microsoft in general?

  It is different according to the person, role, and location. But in general, it is an amazing environment with a lot of responsibilities and opportunities for you to make a business impact and be provided with a deep understanding and exposure of the whole business.

Do you have the opportunity to get involved in other areas of the business and adapt your role?

  Yes, what is unique about doing a placement for Microsoft is that apart from your regular job role, you are also part of a various stretch project, called 101 Teams.

Do you get to change roles during the year?

  Not for the internship, but for graduates it’s lot more flexible.

What pre knowledge and skills are expected of applicants?

  It really depends on the role that you are interested in applying. For business or gaming roles, no specific pre-knowledge is required. For a more technical role, it is beneficial if you have a basic computer science knowledge.
But in general, it is important for you to have a business awareness on Microsoft and its products. In terms of academic prerequisite, at least 2:1 (expected) is required.
When it comes to skills, it does depend on the job role but we look for are personal attributes such as: teamwork, communication, to be able to present yourself in front of others, to be passionate and curious. A bit of advice regarding this: Try to be involved in a variety of things apart from your studies during your time at university in order to stretch yourself, this will not only help you to develop multiple skills but you will also be able to talk about the them at your future job interview .

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