From College to Apprenticeship

By Sania Samad

Transitioning from college to an apprenticeship at Microsoft can be daunting. College can be a very comfortable place as you are with your friends, you know what subjects you will be studying and what you will be learning. An apprenticeship can be a step in to the unknown as there isn’t a set criterion as to what can be achieved while you’re here.

Going from a casual classroom setting to a business environment can seem very scary at first. However, in a way the Microsoft environment is like the atmosphere at college. There’s always collaboration between loads of different people happening, there's always help available and there are even breakout areas for when you need a break and want to relax.

There’s a lot to learn – not just about Microsoft and your job role but how to communicate with others and how to show yourself off in the right way. This is quite similar to being at college, however with the apprenticeship you can put each learning in to action as oppose to just learning the theory. It can be daunting having to learn so much but because of the support and the flexibility that the apprenticeship gives, learning becomes so much easier and fun.

College is very timetabled but Microsoft is the complete opposite as there is always something new going on. This can be within your job role with new projects or it can be outside of it with external projects. Just like college, there are always events happening that you can take part in and help out with. Try and take part in opportunities that become available to you in both college and the apprenticeship and you will be guaranteed to be developing all of the important skills that will help you get any job in the future!

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