Graduate Insights - Marketing

John Crouch

University of Kent – Business Administration with Marketing
Job Title: Partner/Channel Marketing Manager


My name is John and I am just entering my second year as a Marketinggraduate at Microsoft. The last 12 months have been incredible and I have had opportunities that I never thought I would get so early on in my career.Microsoft is not an ordinary graduate program. Alongside training activities you have a real job, working on real products and driving real impact. You are treated the same as any other full time employee and given additional benefits such as skill development and training. Oh, and a mandatory trip to the US with all you peers….what a shame!


I work in the Channel Marketing Team which works with retailers in the UK to sell and market our consumer products through to the end users. Through this I get the opportunity to work across a variety of different accounts and products including Windows, Office, PC Accessories and best of all Xbox. I get to meet and travel to see retailers around the UK and work as partners to come up with mutually beneficial strategies. It is an extremely rewarding team to work in and you only have to walk into a retail store or go online to see the fruits of you labour. It’s fast moving, challenging and exciting and there is always something new to launch or shout about.

Microsoft Culture

Microsoft in general is an awesome place to work. The culture is open, collaborative, honest and friendly. Hours are flexible and it is up to you how you use your time. If you want to go to the onsite gym at 3pm then go ahead. As long as your work hard you will find it a rewarding place to spend your weekdays. The opportunity to grow as an individual is endless and the variety of roles you can do, all within the same four walls is amazing. It is an exciting time to be at Microsoft as we move to a cloud first, mobile first strategy. The work you do changes the way people live their lives, gives creative and innovative solutions to everyday problems and above all allows you to work at the forefront of the technology industry.

I would thoroughly recommend pursuing a career at Microsoft, I have had arguably the best year of my life and cannot believe how much I have grown as an individual.

Good luck with your applications!

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