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Chester Steven

Role: Technical Account Manager

The University of Manchester – Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Why I love being a Microsoft Graduate

Being a graduate at Microsoft has been a whirlwind of opportunity, experience, emotions and progression. From the offset you are encompassed into a challenging and fast paced role and supported in a way that allows you to be successful within it. You are given real responsibility coupled with the flexibility to explore your own passions within the company, allowing you to meet a vast range of new and inspiring people whilst learning about new projects, visions and roles that fit you future career aspirations.You areableto not only grow and expand within your local subsidiary but also immerse yourself into a Global community of like-minded peers, sharing experiences and starting initiatives on a world wide scale. In terms of your personal/business development, in my opinion there is no rival, and at an age where development and learning are key this opportunity has been invaluable. You’ll need the right mixture of drive and ambition to proactively give to Microsoft and it’s community, but in return you will receive the opportunities to become a truly successful professional and set yourself up for a prosperous future, right from the get-go!

My Role Specifically

Chester As a Technical Account Manager I manage the Premier relationship within a diverse range of customers. I ensure that my customers receive the maximum ROI from their agreements, have the right services delivered at the right times and have a consistent escalation point of contact for support issues. The role has a strong focus around customer relationship management, opportunity management and strategic thinking. Putting the customer at the centre of what you do whilst looking at their business, how it operates and runs and aligning Microsoft Premier with it is essential in forming a successful relationship and ensuring a consistent and positive Premier support experience. Through delivering proactive services preventing issues in advanced and additionally helping resolve issues when they do occur Premier is essential for any business with Microsoft technologies.

For anyone considering the MicrosoftGraduate scheme I would strongly urge you to look no further, if you want to be challenged, developed and inspired by amazingly experienced peers, whilst receiving the benefits that are coupled with it, then theMicrosoft is for you. For me there have been times that were challenging, complex or even uncomfortable but by using the community around you, the world class training you receive and the environment you are in you can easily overcome them, continuing to develop and setting yourself up for future success.

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