Graduate Insights - Technical

Matthew Stafford

Premier Field Engineer –Microsoft Exchange

Bachelors in Maths and Physics – University of York

Job Role

My name is Matt, and I am just coming to the end of my time on the graduate scheme at Microsoft. My role consisted of a lot of travelling, as I would need to visit clients to guide them through Microsoft Exchange and be their technical guide. My job was based in Reading, but I was only in the office once every couple of weeks which suited me as I am quite easily adaptable to a change of scenery!

I really enjoyed working for Microsoft as it challenged me to be flexible – the business is always changing which meant my role also changed, it was difficult to manage at first, but it also allowed me to learn about different aspects of the business and it taught me to be easily adaptable – there was also never any time to get bored!


As well as my job role changing, I also was given the opportunity to move to another team for a short period, within my two years of being a graduate. I helped out professionally and technically and moved to 3 different roles while I was in this team, it really helped me learn more, and it shows that Microsoft are all for allowing you to develop in the company as and how you want – they’re open to giving you as many opportunities as possible and you really have to grab them if you get lucky to be on the scheme.

The wealth of experience at your fingertips was overwhelming, I was surrounded by employees who were experts in so many different areas across the business, and they’re willing to invest time into doing extravagant events to help us learn about Microsoft, they also sent me on technical training courses, and what’s great is that the people who I was working with were just amazing at what they did so it’s great motivation to be around.


I spent a lot of time with the other grads on the scheme in the first year of my course, this meant I could learn about the different areas of the business, whilst my peers also learned something from me which also felt great! Entering Microsoft as a grad rather than just being a Full Time Employee gave me a broader understanding of Microsoft because I could learn about so many different aspects of the business. If you join Microsoft as a Full time employee you don’t get the opportunity to vary what you do, you become quite specialised in one role, which also has benefits but as I am flexible, I’m glad that I got to take part in a variety of experiences as I could learn as much as I put myself out there to learn.


Top advice for anyone who gets on the grad scheme at Microsoft – the development of yourself at Microsoft is down to you, although you are given loads of opportunities, you have to decide what you want and where to go with it, you have to control and steer your own time here to be what you want it to be.

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