Graduate Interview - Solution Development Consultant


Catalin Doroftei

Role Solution Development Consultant

Department: MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services)

Location: Reading

I was an intern 2 years ago within MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) in the Reading office and I came back into a Graduate role, in the same department, as a consultant, with a slight difference on being more technology focused on Azure. I came back as a  graduate 6 weeks ago.

Regarding my background, I did Artificial Intelligence at the University of Reading. The consultant role is part of the technical stream so you need a strong technical interest whether it is from your university course or personal interests: Microsoft is looking for a potential that will grow fast.


Why Microsoft?

I had a couples of other interviews but I came back to because I liked the company and the culture. The fact that during my internship I was working on really cool projects also helped. One of these projects was done in collaboration with the Guide-Dogs for the Blind association (3D Soundscape Project) and getting the opportunity to do something that can actually change somebody’s life is very humbling and great at the same time.

At the moment we are changing the world, the industry, the way people work and collaborate, we are all going to a new mobile-first and cloud-first world and I want to be a part of this thrilling change. It is a great company to work for that is doing a lot of awesome projects such as HoloLens for example, who wouldn’t want to work on that?! It is an exciting time and a very dynamic company: fast pace, cool projects, lots of things to learn, you work with new technologies and some of the best people in the industry.


Application Process

My #1 Top Tip: Prepare, make sure you know why you want to come to Microsoft and overall be genuine! If you are genuine and you really want to work for Microsoft then you will do your research by looking at our products, the challenges Microsoft faces, its vision etc. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind in a constructive way and feel free to ask questions.


The Role

I am a consultant in MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) focusing on Azure, particularly on the analytics side of it. The consultant role is made of two parts: the technical one and the customer-focus one. On one hand, you specialise on a technology area (security, modern apps etc.) as a primary driver but you also have the opportunity to specialise yourself on a secondary area (big data, machine learning, data science etc.), and you are aligned to projects according to these domains of expertise. On the other hand, you will need to work with the customer to understand their requirements, the current status of their business, stakeholders and challenges, evaluate possibility for improvement, work with them on action plans etc.

Another thrilling aspect of the role is that it is never a routine, whether the project, team or location change. Regarding the travel, it depends on the location of the client but primarily we are working with UK customers for now.


My first impression of the Role

Unbelievable amount of training!- When you start as a Graduate, you are trained for 4 to 6 weeks and are progressively transitioned to your actual job, which is amazing!


My #1 Top Tip for making the most of your Graduate Role

Get good at your job really quickly. This ensures that you can do other things to stretch yourself and grow.
Also Network! Don’t network just for the sake of it but with a purpose, whether you want to know more about certain projects or roles, or perhaps mentoring for your personal and professional growth

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